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I did not think that +Brenda Novak was going to write a sequel to her book, The Secret Sister, but she did and it was awesome and eye opening.

It's been five years since Keith Lazarow last went home to Fairham Island. Five years since he escaped the jaws of his controlling mother and took a step in the right direction with his life.

No more drugs, no more anger and no more feelings of insecurity and pain. He always knew that he had to go back home and face his demons some day, he just never thought that a call from his sister would do the trick.

His sister, Maisey calls to tell him that their mother, the all powerful Josephine is dead and that the police seem to believe that it was a suicide. 

Keith drops everything and returns home. He knew that his mother was a royal bitch all of the time, but he also knew his mother better than anyone else, and he knew that there was no way that his mother killed herself. 

Now Keith teams up with Nancy Dellinger, a past lover that he hurt badly in his destructive days, in order to get to the bottom of his mother's murder. 

This book was a further insight on just how messed up Josephine was.  She seemed like a whirlwind of destruction that once descended on someone, will destroy their life forever.  And it seems as if her family was not spared by her destructive force.

I could not believe what Josephine did to her own daughter and how a secret from the past destroyed her marriage and alienated her children.

I will admit that I was not fully satisfied with the ending of The Secret Sister. I mean, how convenient was it for the sister to not be dead? But seeing how this book was written and how it brought a whole new level of drama to the Lazarow family I can understand why she ended that book the way she did.

You would think that Josephine would be overjoyed to have her daughter back from the dead, which also clears her son of murdering his sister.  But no, Josephine being Josephine just had to go on with her destructive ways and ruin everything for everyone.

It was like since she was unhappy, then everyone around her has to be unhappy too. Especially her family. 

Keith was always the main focus of her rage and he was subjected to years of torture and pain, both emotionally and physically, from Josephine. Now that he got away from all that abuse, he wanted to go back home but was terrified that he would go back to his delinquent days. 

But now Josephine is dead and Keith is convinced that his mother did not kill herself and goes on a series of adventures in order to find out the real reason behind his mother's death.

While doing this, he's trying to rekindle an old relationship he had with Nancy. Nancy the only one on the island who genuinely liked him and he hurt her really badly and ran away to find himself.

Nancy is having none of that. She was hurt by Keith already and there was no way that she was putting herself through that pain again. But when she started helping him figure out who killed his mother, the attraction between them blossomed until it consumed them both.

The only downside to this book for me is that I did not like the ending of this book again. It was all wrapped up all neat and pretty with a big red bow and I was left with a "that's it" expression on my face. More thought needed to go into the ending of this book but other than that, the book was very entertaining.  

Family secrets, betrayal and pain. Lots and lots of pain was uncovered in this book and I highly recommend this book to everyone who've read the first book in the series.  Did not read the first book, that's fine, go read it now and then read this book. The two books need each other to fully grasp the drama that is The Secret She Kept.

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