September 17, 2017 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Well well well! What do we have here with this story? Is it a love story, is it a trade or is it MURDER! I'm kidding, I'm kidding, there's no murder here.

Avery Adams wants adventure. She wants to push herself outside the norm and experience life instead of just existing. This came about when she survived a kidney transplant that saved her life, but it's also a ticking time bomb that can explode at any time.

With her resolve to experience life, Avery did the most logical thing and got a job as a guide in the local adventure lodge in her rustic Sierra Nevada Town.

She was excited for her new job until reality slapped her in the face.  Instead of getting the training she needed in order to become a guide, she's stuck in the office, managing the business as best she can.

What makes this situation worse is that the business is failing and the owner is so set in his ways that he refuses to change anything to fix it. 

Frustrated with the way things were, help comes in the form of the owner's son, who added the cherry on top by firing her. Yep, Avery's life has totally turned into an adventure, just not the one she thought she would have.

Tyson Donavan has made a life for himself as a member of the Sequoia Elite Mountain Rescue team. He makes a living cheating death and rescuing weekend warriors from the treacherous terrain.  His life was going well until he got a call telling him of the dire state his family business is in.

Tyson returns home only to realize that his family needed his help a long time ago, but no one bothered to inform him of this. Frustrated and heartened by these pieces of information, Tyson works hard to ensure that the business is running well so that he can go back to his new life, far away from his overbearing father. 

As he spends more time at home, his father keeps reminding him that it's time to leave but the sexy new "guide" keeps giving him reasons to stay instead. Too bad he had to fire her.

With a typical book like this, you expect the guy to be an arsehole of the bat, but Tyson wasn't. He is the sweetest most caring man you would ever meet. He's burdened with something that no one should ever be burdened with and tries to make the best of his life.

It's hard trying to make someone proud of you when everything you do seem to irritate more than impress. I guess that's why he was perfect for Avery. Avery is a total sweetheart and the best friend anyone can have.

She's fiercely loyal and keeps her promises no matter what, even if she gets hurt in the process. Is it bad of me to wish for a friend like Avery in real life?  Avery and Tyson were such a good match for each other that it was scary yet sweet.

And yes, they did have a disagreement and had to split (come on guys, this always happen in most romance books) but the way it happened was way too heartbreaking and I'm still not over it even though they made up (duh)

I highly recommend this book to everyone and I can't wait for the best book in the series.