WICKED BOND by Sawyer Bennett

Finally, we come to Bridger's story and I must admit, it was not what I was expecting. 

Bridger Payne is a walking enigma that no one can quite figure out.  Even his best friend don't know the full story of where Bridger came from.

In the Silo, Many want him but not can have him, well not the real him anyway.

That's because Bridger lives with so much pain, a pain he has no reason to get rid of since the pain is what makes him survive.

If you've read the books from the series you would know Bridger. He helped each and every one of my lovable guys to get their head out their arse and go after their women.

You would think that a man that gives such good advice would also take his own preaching, but no such luck. Bridger more believes in happily ever after for everyone other than him.

In his mind, he's too f*cked up to be helped and he's learned to accept that, but then Maggie was unexpectedly dumped in his care and Bridger found emotion he's never felt before burst in his chest.

I would be lying if I did not say that I hoped Bridger's love interest would have been a guy, or even a twin brother and sister. I mean why not, he can handle it.  But after reading about how he was robbed of his childhood, I understood why Bridger needed Maggie in his life.

Maggie, wow, Maggie Maggie Maggie Maggie.  Maggie got herself in some deep shit and I mean some really deep shit.  It's your typical girl rebelling against her strict parents and falls into the wrong crowd kind of story.

Even with all that, I liked Maggie. She realised that she made a huge mistake (a little too late) and she tried to fix said mistake.  But since she was in so deep, it was not easy for her to get away. It's also kickass how much torture she went through and still had the will to resist.  Her unlikely saviour brought her to Bridger where her life was changed for the better.

This was not the ending to the series that I envisioned but it was still nice. Bridger was running scared and Maggie can finally stand on her own two feet.  If I talk about this book anymore I might give more of the book away and you have to read this book before +Sawyer Bennett comes out with the next segment of the series.

I hear that this new series is going to Vegas baby!  When you read this book, write in the comment section what you think.

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I love going to Mischief Bay and meeting all the girls again and meeting new ones along the way. Plus we get to see a new side of Pam that gives me second thoughts about her.

This book focuses on Zoe, Jen and Pam. Zoe works from home and incident that had her trapped in her attic with her hungry cat made her come to the realization that she is completely alone.

Jen is the daughter of Pam and recently turned a mother herself.  Jen finds herself constantly obsessing over her son and the things that can harm him.

We all know Pam (if you've read the series from the beginning). We've been with her when she wanted to get her groove back and through the loss of her husband.  Nguy.

Watch as these ladies discover a new side of themselves that they never knew existed in their fun new adventures in Mischief Bay.

This book was an eye opener to a side of Pam I never knew existed. But before I get into Pam's story let's talk about the first woman we were introduced to in the book. 

Zoe is a new name to me from Mischief Bay. She has not had the best of luck when it comes to her life. She gave up her life (in a way) to accommodate her relationship. A relationship that should have ended before it even started I might add.

Zoe has been living in a kind of daze until she locked herself in her attic with her hungry cat and it made her realize that she was alone and wasting her life.  After she freed herself from the attic, she wanted to get some advice from her best friend, but there was a problem.

Her best friend has become nuts. She's obsessed with her kid and has this fear that her husband would die on her or worse, cheat.

Now, this brings me onto Jen the aforementioned crazy lady. Ever since she had her first child, Jen has become obsessed with keeping him safe.  Her obsession was serious and no one can talk to her about it since she immediately goes on the offence and cuts off contact with said person.

Her obsession has moved onto the fact that all the baby books say that her child is at the right age to talk but, he was not talking. This worried Jen EXTREMELY and would get frustrated at everyone that tells her that he would talk when he's ready. Jen needed to take a chill pill seriously.

Now we have Pam, who also turned out to be a crazy lady, but I can't really talk about that part without giving away a good part of the book. You have to read it to see what I'm talking about with Pam.

Other than her turning crazy, Pam has gotten better at missing her husband and channels all her energy into helping others. The person she chose to help this time also turned into her friend name Zoe (see how everything connects) and Pam likes her so much that she decided to hook Zoe up with her son. And I'm telling you no more about this.

I love how +Susan Mallery writes stories that make you feel as if you are a part of the story and that it was your friends that were hurting. I liked Zoe the most in this story, I mean, how can I not and Pam, Woah, Pam.

I know I keep saying that a lot, but Pam really surprised me in this book. You'll still love her, but... can't say any more, sorry.

Welcome back to Mischief Bay guys. Hope you enjoy your stay and please tell me how you enjoyed it.



I did not think that +Brenda Novak was going to write a sequel to her book, The Secret Sister, but she did and it was awesome and eye opening.

It's been five years since Keith Lazarow last went home to Fairham Island. Five years since he escaped the jaws of his controlling mother and took a step in the right direction with his life.

No more drugs, no more anger and no more feelings of insecurity and pain. He always knew that he had to go back home and face his demons some day, he just never thought that a call from his sister would do the trick.

His sister, Maisey calls to tell him that their mother, the all powerful Josephine is dead and that the police seem to believe that it was a suicide. 

Keith drops everything and returns home. He knew that his mother was a royal bitch all of the time, but he also knew his mother better than anyone else, and he knew that there was no way that his mother killed herself. 

Now Keith teams up with Nancy Dellinger, a past lover that he hurt badly in his destructive days, in order to get to the bottom of his mother's murder. 

This book was a further insight on just how messed up Josephine was.  She seemed like a whirlwind of destruction that once descended on someone, will destroy their life forever.  And it seems as if her family was not spared by her destructive force.

I could not believe what Josephine did to her own daughter and how a secret from the past destroyed her marriage and alienated her children.

I will admit that I was not fully satisfied with the ending of The Secret Sister. I mean, how convenient was it for the sister to not be dead? But seeing how this book was written and how it brought a whole new level of drama to the Lazarow family I can understand why she ended that book the way she did.

You would think that Josephine would be overjoyed to have her daughter back from the dead, which also clears her son of murdering his sister.  But no, Josephine being Josephine just had to go on with her destructive ways and ruin everything for everyone.

It was like since she was unhappy, then everyone around her has to be unhappy too. Especially her family. 

Keith was always the main focus of her rage and he was subjected to years of torture and pain, both emotionally and physically, from Josephine. Now that he got away from all that abuse, he wanted to go back home but was terrified that he would go back to his delinquent days. 

But now Josephine is dead and Keith is convinced that his mother did not kill herself and goes on a series of adventures in order to find out the real reason behind his mother's death.

While doing this, he's trying to rekindle an old relationship he had with Nancy. Nancy the only one on the island who genuinely liked him and he hurt her really badly and ran away to find himself.

Nancy is having none of that. She was hurt by Keith already and there was no way that she was putting herself through that pain again. But when she started helping him figure out who killed his mother, the attraction between them blossomed until it consumed them both.

The only downside to this book for me is that I did not like the ending of this book again. It was all wrapped up all neat and pretty with a big red bow and I was left with a "that's it" expression on my face. More thought needed to go into the ending of this book but other than that, the book was very entertaining.  

Family secrets, betrayal and pain. Lots and lots of pain was uncovered in this book and I highly recommend this book to everyone who've read the first book in the series.  Did not read the first book, that's fine, go read it now and then read this book. The two books need each other to fully grasp the drama that is The Secret She Kept.

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Since the release of her debut contemporary romance novel, Off Sides, in January 2013, Sawyer Bennett has released more than 30 books and has been featured on both the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists on multiple occasions.

Jorinda Pearce thought she did everything right – graduated from college, married her long-time sweetheart, established a career. But what does she have to show for it now? A degree she doesn’t use, a job she hates, and an ex-husband that broke her heart.

Looking for a long overdue adventure, Jorie takes a walk on the wild side and attends a masquerade event at The Wicked Horse Vegas. It’s exactly the escape she’s looking for, and even better, she can explore anonymously. Drawn to the man masked in black leather with the body of a god, Jorie finds the greatest pleasures of her life at the hands of a stranger.

Walsh Brooks is the most sought after man in The Wicked Horse. Sex is nothing but a game to him and he’s the type that will always leave at the end of the night without looking back. Unfortunately for Walsh, there’s no way he can walk away from the mysterious green-eyed beauty behind the mask of sapphire feathers, because he knows exactly who she is.

Jorie is his best friend’s little sister and there’s not another woman in the world that’s more off limits.

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“Want another drink?” I ask Micah as he lounges on my couch and takes the final swallow of his scotch. He flew in about an hour ago, and we’re waiting for Jorie to arrive to go out to dinner tonight. My nerves are on edge. I definitely want another drink.

“Nah, man,” Micah says as he pushes up from the couch and moves to take his glass back into the kitchen that opens straight from the living room. “Tonight’s not about getting drunk. It’s about hanging out with my two favorite people in the world.”

I smile at him and nod, my stomach clenched.

“But just so you know,” he says with a laugh. “Jorie’s my first favorite, you’re my second.”

“As it should be,” I reply, and hope that sounds casual enough.

Micah rinses his glass out and sets it on the counter. As he walks back into the living room, he says, “And besides… I figure tomorrow night, you and I are going to hit the town, right?”

“You know it,” I say as I push up from the chair, head straight to the wet bar, and replenish my vodka. There is not enough alcohol in the world to get me through this weekend. I take a healthy slug as soon as I cap the bottle.

“Dying to go to The Wicked Horse,” Micah says with excitement in his voice. “Want to meet Jerico, too. He and I have been emailing about testing out some more of my designs in his club. Plus, you and me, dude… we haven’t had a woman together in a long time. Your stories about the stocks… we’ve got to hit that, man.”

My shoulders tighten and my gut rolls with nausea. How in the fuck I am going to weasel out of this is beyond me, but I’ve got to figure something out. I don’t want another fucking woman other than Jorie.

“Walsh?” Micah says in question, and I turn to look at him. “We good with going there tomorrow night?”

“Damn straight we are,” I say with a smile. “A night of debauchery for the both of us.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Just then, the elevator doors give a slight hiss as they open, and Jorie is standing there. She looks fucking amazing, wearing a dress done in large black-and-white zebra stripes that’s loosely belted around her waist and comes down to her knees. She’s got on a pair of sexy-as-shit taupe heels to go with it and my mouth waters as I take in what they do to her legs. Hair in that sleek, angled bob that hangs halfway in between her jaw and shoulders, and that thick crop of bangs straight across her eyebrows make her green eyes brighter than ever.

I swallow hard and try to appear casual.

Her eyes go immediately to Micah, and she gives a squeal of excitement. He rushes to her, picks her up, and swings her around. The skirt of her dresses rises a bit in the back, and I look away guiltily.

“God, I missed you, squirt,” Micah says with a choked voice. My guilt intensifies over the naked display of love and affection he has for his sister.

Jorie’s voice quavers with equal love. “I missed you, too.”

She hugs him hard and looks over his shoulder at me. Her eyes are wary and nervous.

When Micah releases her, I step up and casually say, “Got a hug for me?”

It’s a shameless move to touch her, but not something that would raise Micah’s eyebrows. I’ve hugged Jorie a million times over our lives together growing up.

“It’s good to see you again,” she says to me as she walks into a very brotherly hug. I make the mistake of inhaling her scent, and I’m hit with a jolt of lust for her.

After we quickly release each other, she steps back and surveys my apartment as if it’s her first time. She told Micah we met for breakfast one day, but he sure as shit doesn’t know I’ve fucked her on almost every piece of furniture in this apartment. He’ll never know she went to her knees right where we’re standing in front of the elevator and swallowed every drop of cum I gave her.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I have an overwhelming urge to fake a stomachache, a migraine, a goddamn stroke for all I care at this moment, and beg off from this entire weekend.

Instead, I put a smile on my face and tell them, “Come on. We’ve got prime seats in Moulineaux tonight. I’ve not eaten there yet, but heard it’s amazing.”

Jorie smiles back at me before turning to hook her arm through Micah’s. She leans over and puts her head on his arm as she’s too short to reach his shoulder. They both stroll into the elevator.

This night can’t get over with fast enough for me.

A reformed trial lawyer from North Carolina, Sawyer uses real life experience to create relatable, sexy stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From new adult to erotic contemporary romance, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.

Sawyer likes her Bloody Marys strong, her martinis dirty, and her heroes a combination of the two. When not bringing fictional romance to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to a very active toddler, as well as full-time servant to two adorably naughty dogs. She believes in the good of others, and that a bad day can be cured with a great work-out, cake, or a combination of the two.



Title: His Dirty Girl

Author:  Jax Hart

Publication date
: May 23rd 2017

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

By day Ashley is a good little nurse, but at night she dreams of being his dirty girl.

The notes are blurring on the page.

I can’t think.

I can’t speak.

This man mesmerizes me and I’m in danger of losing everything if I give in to my desire for him.

But it’s not going away.

I’ve never had such dirty thoughts…never wanted a man to do such dirty things to me.

Ashley Hill is trying very hard to make a new life for herself. Falling for her boss was not on her to-do list. But she can’t control her hormones when he’s around. In her dreams, she is safe to explore her deepest desires, but what happens when the lines between fantasy and reality become blurred?

Will Ashley put her career in jeopardy just to be his?

I’ve wanted her since the first second I saw her wearing those tight ass scrubs. My mouth waters and my palms itch every time she walks by, and my dick…well you can guess what he’s doing.

Everything is getting so damn hard. I don’t care that she is off-limits. I need to make her mine, STAT.

WARNING this is a panty-melting, quick and dirty read! Standalone HEA.

Authors Note: This is book one of the Deep Desire series. Each can be read as a stand alone.


The Non-Disclosure Agreement BOOK BLITZ and GIVEAWAY

Title: The Non-Disclosure Agreement 

By: Kelsey McKnight

Published by:
Limitless Publishing

Publication date: May 9th, 2017

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

I left my old life, and my broken heart, back in Michigan. When I moved to New York City for a fresh start, I didn’t know I would be made a sinful offer I couldn’t refuse…

My billionaire businessman boss decided that being the most powerful man on the East Coast wasn’t enough. He needed political power, too. But who would vote for a womanizing playboy with a different model on his arm every week? If he wanted to win, he needed a respectable wife…he needed me.

I had the looks, the small town charm—I was even already his employee, but I was willing to pretend to be so much more. And I’ve already signed a non-disclosure agreement, making me the perfect choice.

But will there come a point where pretend just isn’t enough?


She stepped over to the security desk and dropped her license and proof of employment in front of the guard. Her hands were sweaty and she kept glancing nervously around the busy lobby. Everyone seemed to be in such a hurry. “Excuse me, sir, but I believe you have a badge for me? My name is Holly McIntyre and I just moved here from Michigan to work for Mr Cantrell. I’ve never been to New York City and—”

“Here’s your card, sweetheart,” the guard said in a thick Brooklyn accent, slapping a piece of plastic down on the desk. “And a word of advice? Don’t talk so much. You need to be tough to make it in this building.”

Holly nodded and meekly slid the ID off the counter before turning toward the elevators. She felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment and internally abashed herself for rambling to a perfect stranger. She was used to chatting with everyone back in Michigan and now she’d just made herself look like a fool to the first person she met in the building. What a great way to start to her first day.

The elevators were packed, going up, and Holly had to squeeze herself between two very large men carrying briefcases to make her way up to the top floor. As people left the lift to exit to their levels, Holly gave herself a short, meaningful pep talk to fill the time during the long ride up.

Okay, Holly, you can do this. You can make it through this. This is just a building in a city, not one of the most major companies on the East Coast for marketing and international sales. So what if it controls eighty percent of the sales to China? All you’ll be doing it fetching coffee and picking up dry-cleaning. No big deal! Maybe you’ll address envelopes sometimes or water plants. Totally doable! Fake it until you make it. Or crash and burn…oh, God.

When she stepped onto the top floor, she was the last person aboard the elevator and entirely sure she should never be a motivational speaker.

The seventieth floor was as white and bright as the lobby below, but primarily empty. A receptionist tapped away on a keyboard. Across from her desk was a bright red couch for visitors, and three heavy oak doors against the far wall. Holly quietly walked up to the receptionist, her ID card clutched in her hand. The woman was a statuesque brunette wearing a chic sweater dress and a pair of fifties-inspired glasses. She stopped typing and looked up at Holly from behind her vintage eyewear.

“H-hi, I’m Holly McIntyre, the new assistant.“ She cleared her throat and held up her ID for proof, hoping the receptionist wouldn’t notice the wild shaking of her hand.

“Lovely.” The receptionist purred in a way that made Holly think of a cat that’d just spotted a defenceless mouse. “Go on into Mr Cantrell’s office. Begin filing the papers on top of the filing cabinet in alphabetical order. He’ll be in shortly to give you further instruction.”

Holly waited to be dismissed but took the woman’s return to typing as her release. She walked back to the far wall to the three doors. One was labelled Meeting Room 1, the second Meeting Room 2, and the third read Cantrell in bold golden letters next to the door. Slowly, she grasped the handle and pushed the door open to let herself inside.

The room was large and richly furnished with a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows behind a stately desk. It was almost sterile-looking with no personal items to be seen between the imposing grandfather clock and leather armchairs. Holly looked around for a picture of her future boss, but the only art on the wall was a modern painting a man might’ve chosen—bright squares of red, blue, and black thrown onto a canvas. She thought a child could’ve put it together. It was nothing like the fine Italian frescos she’d seen online, nor like the famous reproductions of Monet paintings her parents had hanging in their restaurant back home. But what did she know about modern art? Holly had no doubt, however, that the simple piece had cost him thousands.

She placed her secondhand purse on one of the two guest chairs facing the desk and made her way to a very tall, large filing cabinet tucked into the corner of the room. Her hands began to sweat as she saw how monumental the cabinet was. While she

was around five feet tall, the cabinet must have been seven feet high. Wondering if she could actually do her duties with this monstrous piece of office furniture, she tried reaching the stack of papers and manila envelopes, but her hands barely grazed the top of the cabinet. She glanced around for a stepladder, or a stool, but only saw the expensive chairs meant for guests. Not finding any other option, she pulled the empty chair toward the cabinet and hopped on, balancing on the plush cushion.

She had just grabbed the heavy stack when the office door burst open, causing her arms to fly up in surprise and the papers to scatter all over the floor, mimicking the worst kind of snowstorm. Holly immediately jumped off the chair with her hand covering her mouth to stifle a small shriek of surprise that escaped as a pained squeak. She had not been in the office more than five minutes and she’d already made a mess. What made it worse was that the only person to witness her shame was her boss, Jackson Cantrell.


Jackson raised a brow as he inspected his new assistant. She seemed as flighty as a bird and almost as delicate.

“Oh, goodness! I’m so sorry, Mr Cantrell…sir…I can’t believe I…” Holly dropped back to the floor and began sweeping the papers into a pile with her quivering hands. “I’m sorry…I didn’t…I couldn’t reach…”

Jackson bent down to her level and began sorting the papers into small piles, slightly uncomfortable with the anxious woman fidgeting on his office floor. “I take it you must be my new assistant?”

“Y-yes. I’m Holly McIntyre.” She looked up at him, green eyes glassy with fear. “I promise, I’m not always so clumsy.”

He was taken aback upon seeing her fully. She was a pleasant-looking woman with a heart-shaped face and full lips. As she lifted her emerald eyes to his, peeking at him from beneath her thick lashes, Jackson had to clear his throat. “Good to meet you, Holly.”

“I’m really not like this. I’m very well organised and—”

Jackson held up a hand. “Please, it’s really not a big deal. Why don’t you just go get settled at your desk for now, and I’ll fix this.”

“My desk?” Her face was still pink from embarrassment; a feature Jackson found oddly endearing.

“Yes. Your office connects with mine so that I’ll be able to reach you easily during business hours.” He scooped the rest of the files up and stood, holding a hand out to her.

Holly smiled uneasily, showing off a row of perfectly white teeth. Her hand was delicate in his, and when she rose to standing, he was surprised to see she had rather shapely legs beneath the unflattering sack she wore. “Of course, Mr Cantrell. Is there anything I can get for you? Latte? Coffee? Tea?”

He shot her a small smile, amused by her nervousness. “No, thank you. Go get settled.”

Holly snatched her purse and tucked it under her arm, disappearing into her adjacent office. Jackson watched her leave, noting how that dowdy suit, and ugly shoes, did little to show her apparent charms. His other assistants were always well-groomed and expertly dressed, looking at ease in their designer clothes. Holly McIntyre almost

seemed like a little girl playing dress-up in her mother’s closet. He thought she would do better if she embraced her girl-next-door beauty instead of hiding it.

As he arranged the last of the files on his desk, he wondered if Holly had what it took to survive life in the big city.

Author Bio:

Kelsey McKnight is a university-educated historian from southern New Jersey. She has married her great loves of romance, history, and literature to create her newly finished works. 
Her first books, "The Scottish Stone Series", are coming in April of 2017 by Limitless Publishing. Book one is titled "Queen of Emeralds", and is available now. "The Scottish Stone Series" take readers on a journey through the bustling streets of Victorian London and into the lush hills of the Scottish Highlands.
Her second book, a contemporary romance titled "The Non-Disclosure Agreement", will also be available in May of 2017 and feature a bad boy politician and the small town girl that could change his ways. 
When she’s not writing, Kelsey can be found reading, drinking too much coffee, spending time with her family, and working on two nonprofits.


BOOK BLITZ for HARD ROCK SIN by Athena Wright plus a GIVEAWAY!

Hard Rock Sin
Athena Wright
(Darkest Days, #3)

Publication date: May 2nd 2017

Genres: New Adult, Romance

Cameron Thorne has had a starring role in my fantasies for years.

But the sinfully hot rock star, known for his wild parties and lady killer reputation, is the bassist in my brother’s band. And I know my brother. He’ll kill Cameron if he looks at me twice.

Which means the two of us will never be more than friends.

Only… Cameron keeps staring at me like he wants to throw me on his bed. He keeps licking his lips like he’s thinking of tasting me.

Cameron wants me too.

We know there will be hell to pay. I’m his bandmate’s little sister. But neither of us can fight it.

This rock star god will do anything to keep me.


“Lily…” His voice was pained. “You don’t know how much I…” His eyes fell to my mouth. “…how much I wish you just were just a normal girl.”

All the air left the room.

“But this?” he continued. “This can’t happen.”

My heart sunk. I looked down, not meeting his eyes.

“I get it. I’m Noah’s baby sister. You can’t betray his trust.”

“It’s not just that,” he muttered. “I can’t fucking do this to you.”

“Do what to me, exactly?”

“You go speechless whenever you see me without a shirt,” he said with utter patience.

I flushed, understanding his meaning. “Oh. You mean, because I’ve never…?”

He gave me an almost wry smile. “Don’t you know your first time is supposed to be special?”

“Are you saying it wouldn’t be special with you?” I gave him my best teasing smile, trying not to waver. “And here I thought you prided yourself on pleasing the ladies.”

He shot me a look. “That’s different.”

I shifted closer, until I was practically pressed against him. “How is it different?”

“I’ve never—” He snapped his jaw closed, looking frustrated.

Understanding dawned on me. “Have you never been someone’s first before?”

“No.” He ran a hand through his sweat-dampened hair, looking exhausted. “At least, I don’t think I have.” He glanced down at where my hand rested on his chest. He traced the back of my hand with the tip of his finger. Heat radiated from that single point of contact, sending nervous excitement flooding through me. “And I’ve never…”

I leaned closer, bringing our faces closer together. “Never what?”

His eyes dropped to my lips again. I wet them unconsciously. He shut his eyes with a groan. When he opened them, they were full of fire.

“I’ve never wanted to be someone’s first before.” His eyes were still focused on my mouth.

“I want you to be mine,” I said softly. “I don’t want anyone else. I want it to be you.”

I mustered all the bravery I could. I wrapped my arms around his neck, until my breasts were pressed to his chest.

“I want you to teach me. I want you to teach me everything.”

“Fuck.” His eyes blazed. “I told you. Don’t say shit like that to me.”

“Or what?” I challenged. “What are you going to do?”

He placed his hands on my hips, thumbs rubbing the sensitive skin exposed between my tank top and skirt. A spike of heat hit my gut like a blow, nearly taking my breath away.

“This is such a bad fucking idea,” he murmured.

Pushing his hair away from his face with both hands, I met his blue eyes. They were burning with need. I stood on my tiptoes and leaned forward, until we were inches away.

“I want you, Cameron.”

I could practically sense the moment he snapped. The pupils of his eyes dilated, blowing wide open. Cameron let out a low grunt.

“Fuck it,” he growled.

He closed the gap and pressed his lips to mine.

Fireworks exploded across my vision.

Author Bio:

Athena Wright is a USA Today Bestselling author of New Adult Romance. She has a fondness for rock stars and the girls who tame their wild hearts. Athena loves to write characters who are not always what they seem.

Want a free taste of Athena's writing? You can receive two exclusive Newsletter-Only side stories for free. Just subscribe and tell Athena where to send them. You'll also be notified of new book releases. http://athenawright.com/sign-up/