Now this book was something else. There is danger, excitement and sex, lots and lots of sex.

Logan Mckay is one of the fantasy makers at the Silo and he's wicked good at his job. A horrific event in his past has had him running from as fast as he can into the future but this has left him numb to the real world.

That is until he met her. She was a new girl in the Silo, her "owner" was auctioning her off to the highest bidder. She was sex on legs and every man wanted her, including Logan, even though he does not want to want to want her especially since he knew that he can never have her.

The thing is, she is a rarity, a virgin and every man in the Silo is willing to spend every penny the have in order to be the first to get a taste of her. And that's the problem.

Logan does not want anyone touching her, he does not even want the other patrons to even look at her. He can not explain this protectiveness he has for her, he just understands that it's there.

 When she looks at him with those eyes, eyes that don't hold innocence, eyes that speak of desire, for him. Those eyes make his blood boil and Logan knows he has to have her, by any means necessary.

Wow, just when you think that +Sawyer Bennett can't get any hotter, she drops another book on you that has your palms sweating as you read. 

Now this was one hot book. Logan was down right sexy in his possessiveness of Auralie. It was a slow buildup for the two of them and this made the book a more pleasurable read. Who does not like some suspense in their romance books?

Auralie surely found the love of her life in one of the most unique way imaginable. Who knew that trying to sell your virginity in a sex club can lead you to your true love.  Auralie was smart and sexy and knew what she wanted, and she wanted Logan. But the love for her father was keeping her back.

I know I caught your attention with that little tidbit of information. I must warn you, this book is a little out there, and so are the other books in the series. When you finish reading this book, please come back and tell me how much you enjoy it.


Wicked Ride (Wicked Horse Series #4)
I adored this book. It was so insightful and fun to read. It covers four different types of people and the struggle they go through in life and how they overcame it. It's was just plain beautiful to read.

This is a touching story of four friends, Hailey, Becca, Angie and Ella, and how modelling for Enchanted Bridal was a big part of their lives as well as their friendship.

These four friends are about the have their lives turned upside down and I just grabbed my popcorn and went along for the ride.

The four friends all had their own problems to go through. From learning to love your body, catching Mr Perfect, getting married and forgiveness.

I was not sure that I would totally like this book and I was correct in my assumption. Instead, I loved it. I adored all the stories but Ella's story had me entertained the most.

Ella's story was the most unusual yet heart breaking with the emotion behind it. I actually thought that it was not going to work out but it did. I know I'm confusing you but I don't want to give too much away. You have to read this book. It's beautiful with its emotions and well written.

I've always said that romance authors are the best therapist and this book holds true to that. And since I don't want to ruin the book for you guys, I can't say much. Instead, I will tell you that the story flowed smoothly and was totally believable.

The characters emotions were so perfectly described that it felt as if it was your own emotions that are reflected at you. Fans of +Samantha Chase would love this book as much as I did.


Friday Night Brides
I had this book on my Kindle app for the longest while, waiting for when I have time between work or school to start it, and I completely forgot about it. Forgive me +Karen Hawkins.

Alisa MacKenzie has a problem. The problem is not that her father has put her in charge of the castle, the problem lies with gaining the trust of the people who work on it.

Men do not take kindly to taking orders from a woman, and Alisa has to work hard in order to gain their favour so that they will not be against listening to her.

She has reached a long way in gaining their trust until something goes horribly wrong. Natasha Romanovin a Russian Duchess and grandmother to the crown prince have been kidnapped along with a neighbour of theirs.

Now Alisa must prove to her staff that she is the right person to lead them by getting back the prisoners as soon as possible and try not to start a clan war in the process.

Everything was going as planned until Prince Nikolai comes to her home, disguised as an honour guard to save his grandmother. The two started butting heads as soon as they met each other, both having completely different ways of handling the situation. Would Alisa and Nikolai ever come to a compromise? Or would they be too late to save Tata Natasha and Alisa's neighbour?

First off, I would like to say that the description at the back of the book did not prepare me for the awesomeness in this book.  This book was indeed amazing and needs a new official description asap.

Prince Nikolai is a prince and he shows it in everything he does. That's why his disguise could not fool Alisa.  Nikolai is so used to getting his way that when Alisa does not immediately shuts her mouth and follows his orders, it both infuriated and intrigued him. He wanted to know why this plain woman can put his body on fire as no one else has done before.

Alisa is having a self-doubt party. She keeps second guessing herself about the decisions that she is making and is giving herself a headache. Add a high-handed prince in the equation and Alisa has a full blown migraine. On top of all her hardships, Alisa finds that something is just not right about the kidnapping, the only question is, what?

This book was fun, sensual and surprising as it progressed. I loved that I get to see Tata Natasha again, I love that old bird. She was up to her old tricks again and this one made me laugh a lot. My family thought I was going crazy. 

Fans of +Karen Hawkins will have a blast and if this is the first time that your reading her books, start with the first book in the series "The Prince Who Loved Me".


Mad for the Plaid
This was a really emotionally book where I sympathised with the male main character rather than the female.  She had no right to put all the blame on Hawke for something she decided on.

Hawke has it going on. He is the defenceman for the Cold Fury Ice Hockey Team and when he's off the ice, there is nothing holding him back from partying and having a good time.

Nothing can mess with him.  Except something did and it's in the form of his ex-girlfriend, Vale Campell, walking back into life after she dumped him.

Vale Campell is a complicated girl and I did not like her.  She removed almost all the blame from her and Hawke's breakup from herself.  Who does that?

It was Vale's idea to break up with Hawke, he even came after her, all for nought.  Then some months later, she decides to contact him and when he does not respond, she blames him for not loving her and walking away from their relationship.

I mean really, really Vale.  Men are not like women.  They do not have the capacity that women have for emotions.  When a man's heart is broken once, he's bitter for relationships in general, when it takes a woman (usually) three to four heartbreaks before they get bitter about men. 

She was against Hawke talking to her father, she was against Hawke talking to her and she was just against Hawke in general, blaming him for their relationship not working out. Hawke did not want them to be on bad terms, and tried to be her friend, and got under her defences.

Now, Vale wants him back and when Hawke is hesitant to do the whole relationship thing again with her, she's angry.  In my opinion, Vale should have told Hawke the truth from the beginning, instead of making him think that he did something so terrible that she had to break up with him.

Let me stop here before I give too much of the book away, it's just that this book made me so mad and that's how you know that this is a good one.  Books are great when it makes you experience emotions towards the characters, whether bad or good.  Hawke is a man who only has the capacity to love one woman and that's what made him awesome. 

Vale, on the other hand, needs to grow as a person a little more and learn to stop taking out her disappointment of herself on others. This book can be read as a stand alone since I have not read the other books in the Cold Fury Series, and I felt curiosity for the previous books in the series since the couples were mentioned in this book, but the previous books are not needed to enjoy this book.

When you read this book, please drop a comment of what you felt when you read this book or any questions you would like to ask me about the book would be welcomed.  It can be like a little book club chart.



Hawke (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Series #5)


This was a very nice novella that will make you have a warm fuzzy feeling throughout your body.

Bianca Charleston was the fat kid in her high school. The one no one noticed, the wallflower.  

Now things have changed, she's changed and Bianca has transformed herself into a bombshell.  But even with her new transformation, Bianca has not been back to her hometown.

That is until her best friend begs her to come back home to help with the town's annual hospital carnival.  It does not hurt that she would be working close with her high school crush, Cole Johnson.

Cole is a busy F.B.I agent who barely has time for himself at the send of the day.  So when Bianca walked into his life, he found himself finding holes in his schedule in order to make time for her.

This book is quite unique.  It has no conflict in the book.  None at all, yet this book was very enjoyable. 

Bianca and Cole clicked from the moment they met.  The only problem is, Bianca vividly remembers Cole from High School, but Cole has no idea who she was.  This was not played up in the book, the author made it seem trivial and not that much of a problem.  This aspect of the book could have been played out to create a little conflict, but since this is a novella, I think the author wanted it this way.

This is the first novella in a while that felt like a complete story.  Even with the lack of conflict, the story progressed smoothly and everything fell neatly into place.  I'm looking forward to book two.


No Place Like Home
This story was a miracle in the making.  I have no idea how Julia London made two of the most opposite people ever, come together so smoothly and perfectly.

Mia Lassiter had a blow to not only her art but also to her self-esteem. I have no idea how she was able to move after that rejection, but she did, all the way back home to her parents.

Feeling humiliated and defeated, Mia returns home to help her aunt with her interior design business and came face to face with a Rock Star, the only thing is, she may be the only one in the world who have not recognised who he was.

Everett Alden, known to the world as Brennan is a world famous rock star that walked away from it all in order to grieve and maybe get his music mojo back.

The last thing he expected was for his peace and quiet vacation to be interrupted by his mother remodelling the house.

Tired from the turmoil of his life as well as his mother, Everett strives to drown himself in alcohol to numb his pain.  All it took for him to make an attempt to get of out of his funk was to have a sassy lady, with a very weird sense of style to call him out on his bullshit.

Find out what happens to these two knuckleheads as they find their lives intertwined on the  oddest of ways in the first book of the Lave Haven Series, Suddenly in Love.

I adore reading +Julia London books but this book was stuck in between being bad and good.  Firstly the things I do like.  I like that Mia is totally different from most people.  She walks to the beat of her own drum and does not care what others think.

An excellent example of this are the clothes she chooses to wear, willingly.  Everyone around her looks at her funny and her family talks to her about it all the time, but Mia did not care.  What I also liked about this book was the instant dislike between Mia and Everett. I cannot tell you how tired I am of all the books where the main characters have an instant attraction to each other, but try to hide it for various reasons only to give in in the end.  I'm sick of it, and this book was a refreshing change.

Now the things I don't like about the book is the cliche of the story.  Big Rock Star meets small town girl.  They fall in love, have a falling out and then someone does a grand gesture that makes it all right again.  Come to think of it, that's how most love stories are, but it always has that little something that set these stories apart and this book was missing that thing.

I could have predicted what was going to happen before it even happened. But there was one exception to this and that was the reason why Everett went back for Mia.  I'm still scratching my head over what happened since it was not made clear to me and I'm still reeling on why Everett went back.

The writing was good and nothing seemed to have been forced in or left out in the story. I progressed at a steady and believable pace.  All in all the book was okay with nothing really new about it but I had a good enough time reading it and I'm actually curious on what's going to happen in the book in the series.

Suddenly in Love
I did not expect to meet Hud's other half so quickly in the series. Jacob has been missing for so many years, it was quite a shock to read his story so quickly.

Jacob Kincaid has finally come home to Cedar Ridge.  Well at least for a few weeks.  After an overseas mission goes wrong, Jacob finds that it's important to reconnect with his family, especially his twin brother Hud.

Jacob walked away from his family years ago and did not keep in contact with anyone, except one person. Now that Jacob is back, he knew that it was going to be hard to get back in everyone's good graces, he just did not know how hard he had to work for it. 

Sophie Marren is living on a boat, which would be cool if she did not get seasick in a bathtub.  The only reason she lives on a boat is because she divorced from her husband and taking his prized possession in the settlement seemed like the best revenge, that is until she was forced to live in it. 

Now she needs a place to anchor her boat for free because of her limited funds and the place she chose to dock is at an I'm-too-sexy-for-myself guy.  Too bad she swore off men after her cheat of an ex-husband.

I'm quite confused about this book.  How the ending was phrased, I'm thinking that this is the end of the series.  I'm just saying, but I'm not completely sure if it is the last book in the series because I seriously hope not.

Jacob was kind of an a**hole.  On the night he left town for good, he and Hud had a fight and he used that as his fuel to get away from Cedar Ridge.  I can forgive that, what I can't forgive, is Jacob leaving without at least contacting Hud once in a while.  Instead, Jacob leaves Hud in a pool of misery, making Hud think that he was the reason that Jacob left.  I still have not forgiven him for that, and I don't think he did enough to get back in Hud's good graces.

Sophie now is a piece of work. She lies about almost everything.  Not in a bad way.  She lies to run away from people.  An example is that she lies to people by telling them she's fine when in reality, she's feeling miserable and wants to go in a hole and die. And usually people let her get away with her lying, everyone except Jacob that is.

Jacob and Sophie is a pretty unique couple since Sophie does not like to be lied to, and Jacob cannot tell the entire truth, because of his job.  They also lived through a lot with Sophie's depressed father and Jacob losing his best friend on the job. They were both hurting and wanted to be left along, but life has a way of giving you just what you need at the appropriate time. 

This was what had me laughing throughout this book.  Sophie telling Jacob "Whatever you do, don't fall in love with me" and Jacob was telling her the same. They wanted to only have a physical relationship, just sex, only they were lying to themselves.   Everyone who saw them saw that they were in a relationship and that they loved each other, yet when Jacob and Sophie are told this, they think that everyone is crazy.

You can't hide love, It always finds a way to shine through. Besides the romance in the book (which was awesome by the way) the falling outs between Jacob and Sophie were silly and unfair.  Sophie came to her conclusion about Jacob and when someone tells her that her conclusion was wrong, she blames Jacob for lying to her.

I mean really, you came up with your own conclusion about a man and when you find out that you are wrong it's his fault. That made Sophie lose brownie points with me.  This is why Jacob wanted to run far away from home again.  Don't worry he came back, it's complicated and you have to read the book to find out what the falling out was about, why Jacob chose to leave and what started the fire.  That's a little mystery to get you guys much more interested.

When you've finished this book, please drop a comment telling me your views on the book and if you have any questions for me.  I'll love to answer them.

Nobody but You (Cedar Ridge Series #3)