BED OF ROSES (Book two in the Brides Quarlet) By Nora Roberts

November 21, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I love flowers but not as much as Miss Emmaline Grant, she lives for them.  Emma is part owner of Vows, which is in the wedding business and Emma's part is with the flowers.  The bouquet, the table center piece, once it involves flowers, Emma does it and does it with a fairy tale quality.

Growing up with a love story like her parents, Emma's head constantly romanticizes everything.  She keep looking for Mr Right and she found him in Jack.

Jack Cooke is a enjoy them now and leave them before they get to close kind of guy.  His mindset encourages him into not wanting or needing a relationship knowing that they never last and people get hurt.

With Emma, there was no holding back and he was constantly hesitating when she says or does something that he thinks violates his space.

He constantly hurts Emma unintentionally and Emma feels as if she has to frequently hold back her feelings so as not to scare Jack off.

Shit hit the fan when she couldn't take holding back anymore and when he showed how irritated he becomes when she is in his space and I literally cried when they fought and how both of them were hurting because of the confrontation.

Why does it take people until they lose someone they care about to realize how much they mean to them?  I mean come on, anyone can see that they loved each other; Jack was just to coward to see and feel it.

Nora Roberts writes in such a way that when you read the jobs or hobbies of her characters, you totally understand what they are doing and she paints a picture of how it would look in the end.