August 15, 2017 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I love going to Mischief Bay and meeting all the girls again and meeting new ones along the way. Plus we get to see a new side of Pam that gives me second thoughts about her.

This book focuses on Zoe, Jen and Pam. Zoe works from home and incident that had her trapped in her attic with her hungry cat made her come to the realization that she is completely alone.

Jen is the daughter of Pam and recently turned a mother herself.  Jen finds herself constantly obsessing over her son and the things that can harm him.

We all know Pam (if you've read the series from the beginning). We've been with her when she wanted to get her groove back and through the loss of her husband.  Nguy.

Watch as these ladies discover a new side of themselves that they never knew existed in their fun new adventures in Mischief Bay.

This book was an eye opener to a side of Pam I never knew existed. But before I get into Pam's story let's talk about the first woman we were introduced to in the book. 

Zoe is a new name to me from Mischief Bay. She has not had the best of luck when it comes to her life. She gave up her life (in a way) to accommodate her relationship. A relationship that should have ended before it even started I might add.

Zoe has been living in a kind of daze until she locked herself in her attic with her hungry cat and it made her realize that she was alone and wasting her life.  After she freed herself from the attic, she wanted to get some advice from her best friend, but there was a problem.

Her best friend has become nuts. She's obsessed with her kid and has this fear that her husband would die on her or worse, cheat.

Now, this brings me onto Jen the aforementioned crazy lady. Ever since she had her first child, Jen has become obsessed with keeping him safe.  Her obsession was serious and no one can talk to her about it since she immediately goes on the offence and cuts off contact with said person.

Her obsession has moved onto the fact that all the baby books say that her child is at the right age to talk but, he was not talking. This worried Jen EXTREMELY and would get frustrated at everyone that tells her that he would talk when he's ready. Jen needed to take a chill pill seriously.

Now we have Pam, who also turned out to be a crazy lady, but I can't really talk about that part without giving away a good part of the book. You have to read it to see what I'm talking about with Pam.

Other than her turning crazy, Pam has gotten better at missing her husband and channels all her energy into helping others. The person she chose to help this time also turned into her friend name Zoe (see how everything connects) and Pam likes her so much that she decided to hook Zoe up with her son. And I'm telling you no more about this.

I love how +Susan Mallery writes stories that make you feel as if you are a part of the story and that it was your friends that were hurting. I liked Zoe the most in this story, I mean, how can I not and Pam, Woah, Pam.

I know I keep saying that a lot, but Pam really surprised me in this book. You'll still love her, but... can't say any more, sorry.

Welcome back to Mischief Bay guys. Hope you enjoy your stay and please tell me how you enjoyed it.