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I was so excited to read this book, especially after the fiasco that happened between Rhys and Helen in the first book of the series, Cold-Hearted Rake.

Lady Helen Ravenel has never dared to want anything out of life, especially after finding out the truth of her parentage. But now Helen wants Rhys, but the thing is, she has no idea how to handle any man, especially someone as worldly and handsome as Rhys, but Helen is determined to try. 

Rhys Winterborne was not born into the upper classes. Even with his vast wealth and influence, he is not accepted into polite society. In order to gain this, Rhys must marry a lady of high rank.

No woman stirs his blood as Helen does and with the advantage of her being the daughter of an Earl makes Helen perfect for him.  

Of course, there are sinister forces that fall in their path of a happily ever after, but the question is, could their marriage last, especially when Rhys learns of Helen's secret?

There is no secret that I love Lisa Kleypas. I love her books, I love her voice and any book I see with her name on it, I gobble them all up.  So when I got a taste of this book at the end of "Cold Hearted Rake" I was beside myself with glee.

Helen seems like such a mouse of a person, but beneath her calm manner is a will of steel. When Rhys demanded a kiss from her in "Cold Hearted Rake" it ended their engagement, but Helen did not want this and went after her man. 

His entire life, Rhys was treated like a nobody, even when he controls most of the upper class and they buy from his stores, they still look down their noses at him since he was not born into his position but had to "work" for it.

I must say, I absolutely loved Rhys from the first book and I'm sorry to say, I lost interest in the love story between Devon and Kathleen (even though it was a really sweet love story) and I just wanted to know what was going on between Rhys and Helen.

I was not disappointed and neither will you.  I know that I'm repeating myself a lot, but I can't help it. Especially since Helen falls in love with Rhys but is afraid to tell him her secret since it would mean him hating her and she can't deal with it.  But the sweet darling girl that she is, decides to tell him anyway with unexpecting results. 

The only downside of this book was that it was very easy to guess what Helen's secret was from the first book and the ending was kind of predictable.  Then again, you can't read as many Historical Romances as I have and not pick up on a few things over the years.

And the sneak peek into the next book brings me back to my favourite book of Lisa Kleypas and I am so excited for that.  I like how she keeps upping the excitement for each book.

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