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This book was so good and I loved it so much. +Lisa Kleypas never disappoints with any of her books.

Devon Ravenel has just inherited an earldom and while most men would be thrilled for the title, Devon was not one of them. His cousin fell from his horse and broke his neck and now Devon is saddled with a title he does not want. Along with three nieces and one widow. 

Since the estate is entitled and totally run-down, Devon can't sell it and wash his hands of it once and for all, so he has to buckle down and bring the place back to the glory that it once was.

Too bad he has his cousin's sharp tongue widow to deal with every step of the way. A widow who seems determined to act like the best grieving widow ever, considering she's only been married to his cousin for three weeks.

Cold Hearted Rake had me enthralled from the first page. Lisa Kleypas seem to have the magic touch when it comes to writing her books since most of her books are in my favourite top ten books of all time. 

Devon could have said to hell with all this and wash his hands of the estate, that's what his cousin seemed to have done, so why does he have to clean up his cousin's mess of neglecting his responsibilities? But Devon surprised himself by wanting to impress his new family, especially his cousin's enthralling widow Kathleen.

Kathleen is not a big fan of change. Her childhood has taught her that change is not good and with her husband dead and a new man moving into his home, that was too much change for her to handle.

It does not help matters that she and her husband's last day together did not leave her with warm feelings since they had a bad falling out right before he was thrown from his horse. Kathleen feels bad about this and blames herself for her husband's death and has vowed to do everything thing in her power to be a proper widow for her husband.

She was doing fine up until Devon crashed into her life and had her body come alive every time he was near or when she thinks about him, which was often. It did not help that he challenged her as no one ever has and he listens to what she has to say and seems to love to argue with her.  

Kathleen loves being around Devon, but he's a rake, can she trust him enough to give him her heart? Or should she just accept the way things are and keep mourning her husband as she vowed to do?

The arguments between Devona nd Kathleen were exciting to read. Devon has a dry sense of humour and Kathleen hits him back wit for wit. This book had a nice flow to it and I quite enjoyed how the story built up until it exploded. The fights, the guilt, the secrets. (sigh) This book was so good and I know that you will love it too.

This book also gave us a big picture of how the next book in the series "Marrying Winterborne" is going to be and I just can't wait. This series is so exciting!


Cold-Hearted Rake