WICKED RIDE by Sawyer Bennett

February 12, 2017 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Now this book was something else. There is danger, excitement and sex, lots and lots of sex.

Logan Mckay is one of the fantasy makers at the Silo and he's wicked good at his job. A horrific event in his past has had him running from as fast as he can into the future but this has left him numb to the real world.

That is until he met her. She was a new girl in the Silo, her "owner" was auctioning her off to the highest bidder. She was sex on legs and every man wanted her, including Logan, even though he does not want to want to want her especially since he knew that he can never have her.

The thing is, she is a rarity, a virgin and every man in the Silo is willing to spend every penny the have in order to be the first to get a taste of her. And that's the problem.

Logan does not want anyone touching her, he does not even want the other patrons to even look at her. He can not explain this protectiveness he has for her, he just understands that it's there.

 When she looks at him with those eyes, eyes that don't hold innocence, eyes that speak of desire, for him. Those eyes make his blood boil and Logan knows he has to have her, by any means necessary.

Wow, just when you think that +Sawyer Bennett can't get any hotter, she drops another book on you that has your palms sweating as you read. 

Now this was one hot book. Logan was down right sexy in his possessiveness of Auralie. It was a slow buildup for the two of them and this made the book a more pleasurable read. Who does not like some suspense in their romance books?

Auralie surely found the love of her life in one of the most unique way imaginable. Who knew that trying to sell your virginity in a sex club can lead you to your true love.  Auralie was smart and sexy and knew what she wanted, and she wanted Logan. But the love for her father was keeping her back.

I know I caught your attention with that little tidbit of information. I must warn you, this book is a little out there, and so are the other books in the series. When you finish reading this book, please come back and tell me how much you enjoy it.


Wicked Ride (Wicked Horse Series #4)