DUKE OF SIN by Elizabeth Hoyt

February 23, 2017 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Now this book was the book I did not know I needed in my life. OMG, this book was good. I don't make a habit of re-reading books, but I want to read this book over and over and over again.

Valentine Napier, The Duke of Montgomery, is the villain here. He has been run out of London for the evils he has done, or so most thought

Valentine is ruthless and unforgiving and will do anything in his power to have his way. And right now he wants people to think that he is gone and to observe what his enemies would do in his absence. 

The problem is, everyone is his enemy, what he did not expect was that one of his said enemies will send a woman to do their job for them. 

Bridget Crumb takes her job as housekeeper very, very seriously. So when she was given the task of running the household of the Duke of Montgomery, even with him being a wicked man, she still maintains his household to the best of her abilities and then some. 

Bridget is also there for another reason. The Duke is blackmailing many people and it's Bridget's mission to retrieve evidence and stop the Duke from carrying out his nefarious deeds.  One day, as Briget was investigating the Duke's bed she discovered a secret compartment that might hide one of the things that she's looking for, but before she can get it, the Duke himself walks in the room.

I thought that Val was the devil himself in the earlier books in the series. I still thought so in this book, but Elizabeth Hoyt just proved that devils need some loving too. Val was thought how to be ruthless and unattached to things from his bastard of a father. He was forced to learn a valuable lesson from a very young age, and this lesson stuck with him for the rest of his life.

Now little Miss Combs, who always hides her hair in her awful cap, has intrigued him like no one else has. He finds ways to get under her skin to no avail. What is it about Miss Combs that makes him uneasy and want to do things he's never even thought of before?

Bridget must find the evidence and leave the Duke's residence as soon as possible, the only thing is, the more time she spends with Val, the less she wants to leave. Even when she saw him murder someone in cold blood right before her eyes. 

This was the best book out of the Maiden Lane Series Yet. It was fun, it was exciting and it also thought us that the people who seemed the most evil are the ones that have been hurt the most. I have no idea how Elizabeth Hoyt is going to top this book because right now this book is my favourite for the year. 


Duke of Sin (Maiden Lane Series #10)