WICKED NEED by Sawyer Bennett

December 05, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This is not the type of book that I tend to gravitate too.  If this book was not part of the Wicked Horse Series, I would not have even picked it up, but I'm glad I got to experience something new and like it. 

Rand Bishop is an Olympic Champion who had his dreams shattered years ago.  Amazingly, he was able to put the past behind him and move on with his life.  Especially when he landed the sweet job of being a fantasy maker at the Silo.

Catherine, on the other hand, has always been dealt the worst hand in life, and it seemed to have gotten worse.  Her husband died and supposedly left nothing for her.  Now she's living in her car in the parking lot of the Silo, lost as to what to do with herself.

Lucky for Catherine, Rand takes her in and gives her his place to stay for a while until she figures out what to do.  Thus a unique romance was born.

This is my first time reading a book like this and I was pleasantly surprised. Rand and Catherine was a very weird pairing yet it worked.

Rand grew up with loving parents and had an amazing career in the Olympics.  Catherine was born to an uncaring mother, was a stripper then turned into the plaything for her husband.  Now when it's finally time to turn her life around, she's kicked out of her house by her husband's son with barely any money to her name.

The emotional strength that Catherine has is huge. Most people who went through what she had would have cracked under the pressure, but not Catherine.  When Rand came into her life, I liked that she told him the truth about herself and did not try to use him to get what she wants.

The emotions were raw and painful.  And Catherine was so broken, but thankfully not all the way.  Rand stepped in just in time to help her pull it all together.  It helps that the sex was pretty hot too.

My problem with the book was the sex was too repetitive. I understand that this book is labelled an erotic book, but I would have liked the sex to make sense and not repeated over and over.  The sex scenes started to all blend together for me and I ended up skipping most of them.

This is my main flaw of this book and I had a great time reading about Rand and Catherine.  Any questions you may have, please leave them in the comments below and I would be happy to answer them.


This book is filled with sexual acts that will have you blushing and maybe slightly aroused. Please read by yourself in a secret place where no one can see you squirm.  


Wicked Need