NOBODY BUT YOU by Jill Shalvis

December 08, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I did not expect to meet Hud's other half so quickly in the series. Jacob has been missing for so many years, it was quite a shock to read his story so quickly.

Jacob Kincaid has finally come home to Cedar Ridge.  Well at least for a few weeks.  After an overseas mission goes wrong, Jacob finds that it's important to reconnect with his family, especially his twin brother Hud.

Jacob walked away from his family years ago and did not keep in contact with anyone, except one person. Now that Jacob is back, he knew that it was going to be hard to get back in everyone's good graces, he just did not know how hard he had to work for it. 

Sophie Marren is living on a boat, which would be cool if she did not get seasick in a bathtub.  The only reason she lives on a boat is because she divorced from her husband and taking his prized possession in the settlement seemed like the best revenge, that is until she was forced to live in it. 

Now she needs a place to anchor her boat for free because of her limited funds and the place she chose to dock is at an I'm-too-sexy-for-myself guy.  Too bad she swore off men after her cheat of an ex-husband.

I'm quite confused about this book.  How the ending was phrased, I'm thinking that this is the end of the series.  I'm just saying, but I'm not completely sure if it is the last book in the series because I seriously hope not.

Jacob was kind of an a**hole.  On the night he left town for good, he and Hud had a fight and he used that as his fuel to get away from Cedar Ridge.  I can forgive that, what I can't forgive, is Jacob leaving without at least contacting Hud once in a while.  Instead, Jacob leaves Hud in a pool of misery, making Hud think that he was the reason that Jacob left.  I still have not forgiven him for that, and I don't think he did enough to get back in Hud's good graces.

Sophie now is a piece of work. She lies about almost everything.  Not in a bad way.  She lies to run away from people.  An example is that she lies to people by telling them she's fine when in reality, she's feeling miserable and wants to go in a hole and die. And usually people let her get away with her lying, everyone except Jacob that is.

Jacob and Sophie is a pretty unique couple since Sophie does not like to be lied to, and Jacob cannot tell the entire truth, because of his job.  They also lived through a lot with Sophie's depressed father and Jacob losing his best friend on the job. They were both hurting and wanted to be left along, but life has a way of giving you just what you need at the appropriate time. 

This was what had me laughing throughout this book.  Sophie telling Jacob "Whatever you do, don't fall in love with me" and Jacob was telling her the same. They wanted to only have a physical relationship, just sex, only they were lying to themselves.   Everyone who saw them saw that they were in a relationship and that they loved each other, yet when Jacob and Sophie are told this, they think that everyone is crazy.

You can't hide love, It always finds a way to shine through. Besides the romance in the book (which was awesome by the way) the falling outs between Jacob and Sophie were silly and unfair.  Sophie came to her conclusion about Jacob and when someone tells her that her conclusion was wrong, she blames Jacob for lying to her.

I mean really, you came up with your own conclusion about a man and when you find out that you are wrong it's his fault. That made Sophie lose brownie points with me.  This is why Jacob wanted to run far away from home again.  Don't worry he came back, it's complicated and you have to read the book to find out what the falling out was about, why Jacob chose to leave and what started the fire.  That's a little mystery to get you guys much more interested.

When you've finished this book, please drop a comment telling me your views on the book and if you have any questions for me.  I'll love to answer them.

Nobody but You (Cedar Ridge Series #3)