NO PLACE LIKE HOME by Jennifer Kacey

December 19, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This was a very nice novella that will make you have a warm fuzzy feeling throughout your body.

Bianca Charleston was the fat kid in her high school. The one no one noticed, the wallflower.  

Now things have changed, she's changed and Bianca has transformed herself into a bombshell.  But even with her new transformation, Bianca has not been back to her hometown.

That is until her best friend begs her to come back home to help with the town's annual hospital carnival.  It does not hurt that she would be working close with her high school crush, Cole Johnson.

Cole is a busy F.B.I agent who barely has time for himself at the send of the day.  So when Bianca walked into his life, he found himself finding holes in his schedule in order to make time for her.

This book is quite unique.  It has no conflict in the book.  None at all, yet this book was very enjoyable. 

Bianca and Cole clicked from the moment they met.  The only problem is, Bianca vividly remembers Cole from High School, but Cole has no idea who she was.  This was not played up in the book, the author made it seem trivial and not that much of a problem.  This aspect of the book could have been played out to create a little conflict, but since this is a novella, I think the author wanted it this way.

This is the first novella in a while that felt like a complete story.  Even with the lack of conflict, the story progressed smoothly and everything fell neatly into place.  I'm looking forward to book two.


No Place Like Home