MAD FOR THE PLAID by Karen Hawkins

December 28, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I had this book on my Kindle app for the longest while, waiting for when I have time between work or school to start it, and I completely forgot about it. Forgive me +Karen Hawkins.

Alisa MacKenzie has a problem. The problem is not that her father has put her in charge of the castle, the problem lies with gaining the trust of the people who work on it.

Men do not take kindly to taking orders from a woman, and Alisa has to work hard in order to gain their favour so that they will not be against listening to her.

She has reached a long way in gaining their trust until something goes horribly wrong. Natasha Romanovin a Russian Duchess and grandmother to the crown prince have been kidnapped along with a neighbour of theirs.

Now Alisa must prove to her staff that she is the right person to lead them by getting back the prisoners as soon as possible and try not to start a clan war in the process.

Everything was going as planned until Prince Nikolai comes to her home, disguised as an honour guard to save his grandmother. The two started butting heads as soon as they met each other, both having completely different ways of handling the situation. Would Alisa and Nikolai ever come to a compromise? Or would they be too late to save Tata Natasha and Alisa's neighbour?

First off, I would like to say that the description at the back of the book did not prepare me for the awesomeness in this book.  This book was indeed amazing and needs a new official description asap.

Prince Nikolai is a prince and he shows it in everything he does. That's why his disguise could not fool Alisa.  Nikolai is so used to getting his way that when Alisa does not immediately shuts her mouth and follows his orders, it both infuriated and intrigued him. He wanted to know why this plain woman can put his body on fire as no one else has done before.

Alisa is having a self-doubt party. She keeps second guessing herself about the decisions that she is making and is giving herself a headache. Add a high-handed prince in the equation and Alisa has a full blown migraine. On top of all her hardships, Alisa finds that something is just not right about the kidnapping, the only question is, what?

This book was fun, sensual and surprising as it progressed. I loved that I get to see Tata Natasha again, I love that old bird. She was up to her old tricks again and this one made me laugh a lot. My family thought I was going crazy. 

Fans of +Karen Hawkins will have a blast and if this is the first time that your reading her books, start with the first book in the series "The Prince Who Loved Me".


Mad for the Plaid