HAWKE by Sawyer Bennett

December 22, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This was a really emotionally book where I sympathised with the male main character rather than the female.  She had no right to put all the blame on Hawke for something she decided on.

Hawke has it going on. He is the defenceman for the Cold Fury Ice Hockey Team and when he's off the ice, there is nothing holding him back from partying and having a good time.

Nothing can mess with him.  Except something did and it's in the form of his ex-girlfriend, Vale Campell, walking back into life after she dumped him.

Vale Campell is a complicated girl and I did not like her.  She removed almost all the blame from her and Hawke's breakup from herself.  Who does that?

It was Vale's idea to break up with Hawke, he even came after her, all for nought.  Then some months later, she decides to contact him and when he does not respond, she blames him for not loving her and walking away from their relationship.

I mean really, really Vale.  Men are not like women.  They do not have the capacity that women have for emotions.  When a man's heart is broken once, he's bitter for relationships in general, when it takes a woman (usually) three to four heartbreaks before they get bitter about men. 

She was against Hawke talking to her father, she was against Hawke talking to her and she was just against Hawke in general, blaming him for their relationship not working out. Hawke did not want them to be on bad terms, and tried to be her friend, and got under her defences.

Now, Vale wants him back and when Hawke is hesitant to do the whole relationship thing again with her, she's angry.  In my opinion, Vale should have told Hawke the truth from the beginning, instead of making him think that he did something so terrible that she had to break up with him.

Let me stop here before I give too much of the book away, it's just that this book made me so mad and that's how you know that this is a good one.  Books are great when it makes you experience emotions towards the characters, whether bad or good.  Hawke is a man who only has the capacity to love one woman and that's what made him awesome. 

Vale, on the other hand, needs to grow as a person a little more and learn to stop taking out her disappointment of herself on others. This book can be read as a stand alone since I have not read the other books in the Cold Fury Series, and I felt curiosity for the previous books in the series since the couples were mentioned in this book, but the previous books are not needed to enjoy this book.

When you read this book, please drop a comment of what you felt when you read this book or any questions you would like to ask me about the book would be welcomed.  It can be like a little book club chart.



Hawke (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Series #5)