November 17, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book started off on a confusing note.  The Clayborne brothers were all talking about a man who ripped off their Mama Rose and Travis nominated himself to track down the thief and get back what was lost.

So since going on +Goodreads and realising that this was the second book of the series I finally knew the reason why I was clueless of all the names in the beginning and the history behind them. I'm accustomed to books giving a brief history of events in past books and that is why I was stumped at the beginning of this book.

After getting out from the confusion st the beginning of the story, which I recommend that you read the first book in the series, For The Roses, to understand what's going on, the book picked up for me and stayed up until the end that is.

In order to go after the criminal, Travis agreed to help Mama Rose out by escorting a Lady to her intended. It was an easy enough task until he met the lady who he was to escort. Let's just say that they did not immediately like each other.

Emily Finnegan has made a logical decision in choosing a husband after the disaster of her last betrothal.  Now she's taking charge of her own destiny and nothing is going to interfere with her life anymore.  That was the plan before she started falling in love with her escort. 

Emily has just a big personality and she tries to hide it since her personality is not considered "proper".  But it's really hard not to be yourself and the funny thing was, the more she was herself, the more Travis liked her.

The downside of Emily's actions made Travis get shot and also made his criminal slip through his fingers.  You just have to read the book to get the entire story, I guarantee it will have you laughing.

My problem with the book, besides being totally confused at the beginning, was how Travis and Emily got together.  It started off so good and then it ended so anti-climatic and I was disappointed by the ending.  The middle part of the book was filled with so much fun goodness I can forgive the confusing beginning and lacking end.

One Pink Rose (Clayborne Series #2)