HEART OF A BADBOY by Sugar Jamison

November 24, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This was one of the sweetest romance stories I've read in a while, it was beautiful.

We've finally arrived at the last book of the Destiny series and the leading man is none other than Levi King.  The baby of the King brothers.

At least that's what his brothers think of him.  Levi is no longer a baby, but his brother can't help but treat him like he is since they protected Levi from most of their father's rage and neglect. 

Now that the King brothers are back in town, Levi is thrilled to see his best friend Shelly again, only Shelly does not look the way that he remembered.

Levi was not a Bad Boy in the traditional sense of the world, he was more of a playboy. After he gave up racing, he became the face of King's Customs and the women loved him for it.

Out of the three books, this book felt the most complete, when it comes to the romance between Levi and Shelly, but not the series, in general, the series was poorly wrapped up.

After the struggles that the King brothers went through, how the book ended was too much sugar, spice and everything nice.  I was truly disappointed with the ending of the series, but the love story, I approve.

Shelly is a people pleaser.  She wants to please her father so much that she suppresses what she wants to do for herself and goes along with whatever her father wants her to do. Shelly wants to be free and experience new things, but that little voice in her head always stops her.

Her life took an 180 turn when her father goes out of town and Levi comes back.  Now Shelly is doing what she always wanted to do with Levi giving her the push she needs.  And the best part is, it has a deadline and then Levi can go back to his life, and she can settle down and start a family.  Just as her father wants her to do.

Shelly was not so hard to figure out  Her entire life she has surpassed what she really felt in order to please her father.  So her character was totally believable and likeable.  When you deny yourself for so many years, it will be almost impossible to realise what you actually want.  And Shelly wanted Levi, she just did not realise it yet.

It was fun to read about Levi and how he realised that he's always been in love with his best friend. He also had to have a good talk about his brothers about protecting him all the time, which he did.  Now you have to read and see if his brothers would actually listen to him. 

Something I wanted to say since my first review, I absolutely despise the covers of these books.  If I did not like Sugar Jamison I was not coming anywhere near these covers for the lack of thought that went into these covers.  I can't wait to see the reprint of these books.

With that said.

Heart of a Bad Boy