BETTING THE BAD BOY by Sugar Jamison

November 10, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

We're back again with the Kind brothers, Duke edition. Duke is the oldest of the Duke brothers, with a criminal record that he earned unfairly. 

Duke King has put away for ten years for protecting the girl he loves from herself.  When he got out of prison, with the help of his brothers, Duke was able to start King's Customs.  A multimillion dollar custom car empire.

The last thing Duke wanted to do was go back to Destiny. The place where all the trouble in his life started.  But when his aunt calls and tells him that she's in the hospital, Duke packs up his brothers and hits the road to Destiny.

What he did not expect to see was Grace Truman, the very woman that caused him to go to jail for ten years to be back in Destiny as well.  What he was totally blown over by was the boy she had that looked like a mini him.

The book is fun packed with drama and you have got to read the second instalment of Sugar Jamison's Destiny Series, Betting the Bad Bay.

I cannot begin to imagine the betrayal and hurt that Duke must have felt to know that he had a son and the mother did not even try to tell him about him.  It must have been heartbreaking especially since what they have in the past was strong and not to mention that he went to jail over her.

I understand that Grace was an immature young lady and did a stupid thing that put the love of her life behind bars, but somehow I could not get over that in the book and I disliked her. She was portrayed as a strong individual that stood up to her father about her son, but just because of what she did to Duke I just did not warm up to her. 

That was something that I did not like about this book was that Grace was not that redeemable in my eyes.  She caused the incident, and now all these years later when Duke comes back to Destiny she wants to act the injured party?  I mean really Grace, really.

Now she wants Duke to live with her and their son to see if he would be a great father to Ryder (their son).  Everyone that knows Duke knows that he would be a great father since he raised his brothers when their drunk of a father did not care too.

Okay, all the Grace bashing aside, this series was written in a unique way that I'm still on the fence about if I like it or not.  All three books are written alongside each other, so events that happened in the first book came back; only in the main characters point of view.

So scenes we've already read in The Bad Boy CEO are also going to be seen in this book only in Duke's or Grace's point of view. I love the innovative of the idea and I would like to see other authors try this approach just for me to get a better feel of this way of writing a series.

Fans of Sugar Jamison is going to have an interesting ride when reading this book.

Betting the Bad Boy: The Bad Boys of Destiny