WICKED LUST by Sawyer Bennett

October 21, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, a fan should be included with this book to cool yourself off after all the smoking hotness that is bursting from these pages.

Cain Bonham is the head of security at The Wicked Horse.  The Wicked Horse is not your everyday establishment, it a place where people come to explore their sexual fantasies. And Cain is in charge of making sure that they can live out their fantasies in peace. 

Sloane Preston wants to get to the bottom of dirty secrets.  She heard a rumor of The Wicked Horse and is determined to get to the bottom of the story, even if it means sleeping with the head of security. 

Cain's not looking for anything special, but it seems as if someone special found him instead.  Sloane seems to enjoy the wild side of sex the same way he does and he'll be damned if he does not explore this new discovery before he has to cut her loose.

This is one sizzling, sparkling, heart-wrenching book that will have you craving more.  Find out about Caine and his mystery lady in the second installment of the Wicked Horse Series, Wicked Lust.

WOW, just wow. That's how good this book was. Caine has a way with the ladies without even trying.  They always say the ladies like a bad boy, and Cain is the embodiment of every girl's dream of what a bad boy is. 

Cain found the perfect job in The Wicked Horse since it gave him the opportunity to have sex the way he likes it without the commitment. It does not help that it pays well too.  I love how he was brought to his knees when he sees Sloane, it was priceless.

Sloane is not very likable in the beginning since her motives were way off. She used her body in order to get a break in her story.  That does not sit well with me.  Her true nature did come through in the end, and I began to love her midway through the book.

My only problem with this book, as well as the first one was the scene with multiple sex partners...at once.  This might be okay for some people, but for me, I just had to skip it, since I love my couples to only contain two people.

This book would have your heart beat elevated as you read each word off of the page.  Be warned, this book does come with a Warning on how much sex is contained in this book and I kid you not, the warning is very much correct.  So make sure that the kiddies are asleep and the hubby is out of the way, find yourself a secluded corner and read away. 


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