NEED YOU FOR MINE by Marina Adair

October 29, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Wow, this book was just wow.

Harper Owens is everyone's friend.  She's bright, bubbly and has the sweetest smile.  Harper sometimes despises that about herself, especially when it comes to finding a date. 

I remember the lingerie shop, The Boulder Holder from the other books in the series and it always made me laugh.  It's run by Harper's grandmother who is not against ladies getting a little kinky for their man.

So it was a very pleasant surprise to find the lingerie store the centre of the story. The Boulder Holder is on the brink of going out of business and in order to save it, Harper has to convince their main contributor that the store can cater to a younger crowd.

The only problem is that most customers of the Boulder Holder are 60 years and up.  Harper needs help and fast, and help comes in the shape of the only man in town who she never befriended, Adam Baudouin.

Adam is a bit of a situation.  He is St. Helena's very own playboy firefighter and is not well known to committing to anything. Especially women. When he was being passed over for a promotion from work due to his reputation, Adam has to find the perfect woman to help him out.  And who better to help him out than everybody's best friend, Harper Owens. 

I like how Harper did not immediately say yes that she would go along with Adam's plan until she had her arm twisted into it.  Because there is a reason why Harper never went out of her way to befriend Adam, and it's because she thought he was bad for her.

Adam being the sexy firefighter that he was, was not accustomed to women telling him no. Especially when he puts the charm on them.  Harper just was not having it and it stumped Adam on what to do next and it was awesome.

Harper and Adam really needed each other.  Haper needed to let Adam realise that he can't go through life relying only on his charm to get by.  And Harper needed to learn to stop wearing those hideous things she used to wear and that she is beautiful and sexy.

When I cracked open this book (and by that I meant opened it up on my Kindle app) I could not for the life of me put it down.  I stayed up after 2:00 A.M reading it and only went to bed because I had work in the morning (stupid work).  On work, the story was constantly on my mind since I desperately needed to know what was going to happen next.

This book was totally relatable to me.  Haper felt real to me since what she was feeling resonated some of my own feelings. I cried my eyes out when Harper and Adam had their falling out. Harper is very lovable and reminds me of myself and my hope to find my Adam someday.

Need You for Mine