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My American Duchess was so raw to read.  There were barely any sugar coatings and it got right down to the meat of the story.  I love this about Eloisa James, she gives you the barely talked about version of romance.

The Duke of Trent wants to marry a respectable English woman that will live up to his standards of how a Duchess is supposed to act.

He meets the perfect candidate for a wife at a party he very much did not want to attend.  She was a vision of beauty, standing my herself on the balcony.  

He had the most interesting conversation he ever had with a woman and he knew then that he would have her, even if she had the misfortune of being an American.

But faith seems to have forsaken him since the lady is already betrothed to none other than his twin brother. 

Merry Pelford has already broken two engagements and it would be scandalous for her to break the third one. She chose her fiance for he seemed like a lovable man who would respect her.  But as time pass, she realises more and more that she does not want to marry her fiance, but his brother instead.

But Merry promised herself that she would not break another engagement and Merry is determined to make it all the way to the alter this time. Would these two love birds find a way to be together? Or would they go through with their original plans?  Find out in the stand alone novel, My American Dutchess.

I enjoyed myself when reading this book at the beginning, but the solution to their problem was handled a little too easy and rushed for some reason. 

The book was going at a good pace, we all understood the roles that everyone was suppose to be playing and then BAM, the story has a ginormous twist and chaos ensured.  Merry is a smart and delightful girl who has a problem of choosing fiance's a little too quickly before she got to know them a little better.

I believe that was how she got herself engaged the third time.  Her aunt was pressuring her into getting married to stop all the gossip about her breaking two engagements.  With that pressure constantly on her, she hastily accepted the marriage proposal even though she was having second thoughts about it. 

Trent, on the other hand, is living in a bucket of guilt for being born first. A fact his brother never lets him forget.  Trent has an unhealthy idea about love, which was perfectly explained in the book and made me feel sorry for him.

This book was well written except for certain parts that seem as if +Eloisa James changed her mind about Trent's brother.  He went through such a drastic change in a very short about of time and did something that was completely out of character.  That was the only part of the book I was not satisfied with. Other than that, I had a blast reading the book, especially the part about the tumble down the stairs.  That's a little teaser for you guys, lol.


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