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It was so good to go back to The Little beach Street Bakery and meet the gang once again.  Even with the bad times that overcame them, it was still fun to go back.

Polly Waterford could not be happier. She lives in the small town of Mount Polbearne that she loves.  She runs a bakery where she is practically in charge of everything. And best of all, she lives with her boyfriend Huckle, who she is absolutely and totally in love with.  Live could not be better.

Yet a strong wind blow across the small town of Mount Polbearne, bringing trouble in its wake. Selina is a grieving widow, who can't seem to get over her husband's death.  Trying a new approach of getting better, Selina moves into the town her husband was born, raised and tragically died in.

Polly is embarrassed by something she has done to Selina in the past, but Selina does not know that Polly did her wrong and the two women become friends. 

Tragic things have happened to Polly which resulted in her losing control of her bakery, having to give her Puffin back to the bird sanctuary, and worst of all, it made her loose Huckle.  Feeling lost, confused and defeated, can Polly overcome this new obstacle in her life? Would she crumble under all the pressure?  Find out in the second installment of the Little Beach Street Bakery Series, Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery. 

I was pleased to be back in Mount Polbearne with Polly and her crazy island of family. Polly is finally in a place where she is happy and content, but of course it does not last for long.Her problems started with a death and ended with a ring.  

In this story, Polly was kind of unfair with Huckle, but then the tables turned and it was Huckle who was unfair to Polly, which was nice, it created a balance between the two of them.

This book will make you laugh, it would make you cry, but all around you will have a good time.  When you read the book, please leave a comment on how much you've enjoyed the book (or not).


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Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel