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I really enjoyed myself when reading this book.  The love between Billie and George was quite entertaining to read.  Especially when one's mother got involved.

Billie Bridgerton is not your average lady.  She's proud, courageous and prefers the company of the outdoors rather than sitting inside with the other women, as a proper young lady should.

Even with her unusual shenanigans, Billie is a well loved by everyone in the village. Especially by the family of the neighbouring estate, the Rokesby's, who welcomes Billie as one of their own children.

Children who come in the form of three men, two of which Billie used to run wild and free with as a child. The third one, however, cannot stand Billie and her lack of feminine charms.

George Rokesby cannot stand Billie Bridgerton.  He was always baffled by the fact that her parents allowed her to run wild all her life while never learning the proper way a lady was supposed to act.

George is convinced that Billie needs to get married and let her husband take her firm in hand.  His two brothers were always considered as candidates but never himself.  George has always had the image of a respectable woman becoming his wife and not the daring woman who seem to challenge him on everything he says.

Faith had a way of changing plans and in the most unusual of ways.  In this case, faith involved a tree, roof and a cat in the start of Billie's and George's romance.  Find out how the hate relationship turned into a love one in the first instalment of the Rokesbys Series, Because of Miss Bridgerton.

I had a blast reading this book.  I love how Billie always gave George hell, and yet he seemed to always come back for more.  George was the first born in the family.  He never had time to have fun like the rest of his siblings, he was always expected in lessons after lessons and to accompany his father in his business affairs.

George realised that fun was never in the cards for him and tried his best to be the perfect Earl, but he could not help but be a little jealous of his siblings for having the freedom that he was denied.

I did not instantly like Billie at first.  She seemed to place all the blame of her predicaments on something other than her.  I was quite vexed with her at the beginning, but as the book progressed, I liked her more and more.

George, on the other hand, I instantly liked.  He instantly tried to fix situations that need fixing, which is how he ended up on a roof. (You have to read the book to find out what happened).  The love story between Billie and George was beautiful and extremely nail-biting since they fell in love with each other, but did not realise it, making them both uncomfortable around each other.

Fans of Julia Quinn will more than appreciate her sense of humour and passion in this book.  This book had me up late at night with not a wink of sleep all because I just needed to know what happens at eh end of the book.  When I finally arrived at the end of the book, however, I was sad that the book had to end. The story of my life when I find a good book.


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