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This book had so much heartache, so much pain, so much injustice......I LOVED IT!  OMG, even with some weak parts this book had the right amount of everything plus more.

Lady Evangeline Stuart fell in love with a man who was right for her in every way. They had plans to elope together, but someone had other plans.  Kidnapped in the dead of night and forced to move away from her homeland, Lady Evangeline never lost hope of her love coming to save her.

Lord Hardly Fullerton was foolish enough to believe that a lady would want to settle for a second son such as himself. Hardly vowed never to be fooled by another woman again. Now the very woman who left him is back in his life and dares to tell that he was the one in the wrong.

What is really going on? Who is telling the truth? Find out in the 5th instalment of the Disgrace Lords Series, A Taste of Seduction.

This story was truly heartbreaking, especially in the ending. I'm still in disbelief about the what happened and why? Make sure to have a box of tissues near as you read this book.

The mysterious woman who is out to have her revenge (a generation late) on the scholars has had her hand mixed up once again in their lives.  Now the hunt has made a desperate turn since all but two of the scholars are married and need to catch their villain before someone they love gets seriously hurt.

The focus of the book as you can guess is focused on the history between the young lovers of Lord Hardly Fullerton and Lady Evangeline Stuart.  Their tragic past together is a key to figuring out who their mystery villainess was.

The only problem is, Hardly is determined to be as far away as he can be from Lady Evangeline.  Looking at her reminds him of how she was to be his wife and that her son could have been their son.  If only she had loved him instead of wanting a title.

Evangeline wants to help the scholars catch their villainess, because even with Hardly's rejection of her, Evangeline knows that the villainess might come after her and her son for what she once used to mean to Hardly.  Her deceased husband's journals might help to identify their villainess.

This book answered most of the questions we had from the earlier books in the series while making a bunch of new one's surface. This book was fast paced and very hard to believe at times.  It more felt as if +Bronwen Evans was telling us how the heroes felt rather than showing us.

An example of this was when Hardly and Evangeline were arguing about who betrayed whom and the only thing, to tell the truth, was a letter that Evangeline supposedly sent him.  Evangeline asked to see said letter and Hardly said sure.  I understand that this letter was mainly mentioned as an excuse for Evangeline to actually be in Hardly's house, but it was not really a believable reason.

If I was angry at someone and they sent me a note, that note would have been ripped and, burned or fed to the dogs if I choose to read it.  For all of Hardly being furious at Evangeline after all these years, you would think that the letter would cease to exist.  Not in this scenario. 

So having Hardly mention, time and time and time again that he despises Evangeline and wants nothing to do with her, yet he still has the letter that ended it all.  Is it not really believable once you think about it now does it?  Also the emotions in the book was not expressed as well as I would have hoped, especially since this is the second to last book in the series, yet even with all these cons I still enjoyed the book.

I'm so glad that they are closing in on the villainess and that this nightmare can finally be over.  But there is a huge plot twist in this book.  One that would have you itching to know what's going to happen next.


A Taste of Seduction: A Disgraced Lords Novel