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OH SWEET GOD this book was awesome. Technically this series is about the Princes of Oxenburg, but this book was so good, I can forgive that this book was starring an Oxenburg Princess.

Having amnesia is not fun.  Having lost all memories of who you are or where you are is not anyone's idea of a fun time.  To make matters worse, was being hurt and having amnesia at the same time.

Luckily you were able to find a kind couple who took you in.  They give you a place to stay and food to eat, and in return, you help them with chores around the house. Sounds like a great deal right.

This is what happened to Tatiana Romanovin. She was grateful to the kind couple that took her in, but when she got back her memory, they started to think that she might be a little crazy.

Tatiana remembered that she was a princess and she was on her way to her cousin's wedding when her carriage was attacked by a gang of ruffians.  

Tatiana must send word to her cousin to assure her that she was alright and that she wants to come home.  But it's hard to convince her saviours that she was a princess since they never even heard about her country of Oxenburg.  Would she ever find her way back home?

Lord Buchan hardly leaves his manor since he badly damaged his leg in the battle against the French Navy.  Feeling abandoned since his fiance left him because of his injury, Buchan does not welcome anyone's company.

His only trip outside his manor was to have dinner in the local inn where he met the headstrong and beautiful Tariana. He was immediately intrigued by her and wanted to get to know her better.  Too bad she is extremely tight-lipped about her past.

Can Buchan find the answer as to why he was smitten with Tatiana?  Would Tatiana ever trust Buchan to help her get back to her family? Find out in the 2.5 instalment of The Oxenburg Princess, The Princess wore Plaid.

This was an amazing read that had me intrigued from page one.  From the proud man falling on a pathway to the very surprising and romantic end, I just craved more.

+Karen Hawkins sure knows her stuff when it comes to writing. Both characters were enjoyable to read and readers will instantly fall in love with them.  From the head-strong Tatiana who finds out that she has a lot of her grandmother in her to the proud Buchan who found the sensitive side of himself.

I can't find anything wrong with this story.  The series of events was placed just right to build suspense and drama.  It would not be a Karen Hawkins book without a bit of humour in it. One example was having a pampered Princess turn into a simple maid.  Tatiana was a good sport about it which made me like her as much as I did.

I totally recommend this book for you, and when you read it, please comment and tell me what you think!


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