RECKLESS by Kimberly Kincaid

July 15, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was okay, but not great. I was expecting it to go a lot better than it did, but I was confused during the course of the book.

Zoe Westin main purpose is to feed the people of her hometown of Fairview.  Her solution in doing this was to leave the high-class restaurant she used to work for and open her own Soup Kitchen.

Gut her father, the Fire Chief, is against her quitting her prestigious job and opening a Soup Kitchen in one of the bad parts of town. This made Zoe determined to make her Kitchen thrive to prove to her father that there are other methods of saying lives.

She seems to have been fighting a losing battle since her Kitchen desperately needed funding in order to stay open. The new volunteer might be a blessing or a curse to Zoe's Kitchen since he seems to bring an extra heat all his own.

Alex Donovan lives on adrenaline.  Anything that would get his heart pumping with this drug, he's game and working in a Soup Kitchen does not qualify for what he's looking for.

After getting into some trouble at work, Alex was confined to Zoe's Soup Kitchen, where he did not feel welcomed. If he failed to complete his community service, he would lose his job.  Alex is determined to half-ass the job just to get through it, but Zoe was not having that.

The two was butting heads at every turn until they came to a compromise.  A compromise that might benefit them both.  Can Alex and Zoe ever find a common ground?  Find out in the first installment of the Rescue Squad Series, Reckless.

I was not thrilled by this book.  Big gaping holes of explanations were left out and it made it impossible to connect to the characters. 

Zoe is terrified of taking chances, yet it was never fully explained as to why that was.  In a part of the book, Zoe said that she cannot take a big risk again, especially after what happened the last time.  All I could do was speculate as to what it was because it was not mentioned in the story.

Alex was the typical man with an attitude and character wise, he brought nothing new to the table that could differentiate him from all the other male main characters I've read before him.

I only finished the book because I thought that it would pick up in the ending (no such luck) and because I really like the author.  I really hope that the rest of the books in the series turn out better than this story.


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