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This book was a little difficult for me to follow along with.  Some of the words were unnecessary and I found myself skipping parts of the words on a page.  Yet, this was still a sweet story to read.

Pru has made it her job in life to make people happy.  Not all people, just certain select individuals.  The person she has her sight on to make happy at the moment is sexy pup owner, Finn O'Riley.

Pru has already put things in place now all she has to do was stick around long enough to see if her plan was working. The thing is, Pru had no plan of falling in love with Mr. Right.

She believes that she doesn't deserve love, at least not yet. Yet when Finn looks at her with his deep green eyes, her entire body tingles and shakes until all she can think about is her and Finn.

All Pru had to do is take the chance and go after Finn to find her own happiness. But a terrible secret is holding Pru back, a secret so big it might make Finn hate her forever.

Would Pru ever get over her fear and take a chance with Finn?  Would Finn accept Pru after she reveals her secret?  Find out in the first instalment of the Heartbreaker Bay series, Sweet Little Lies.

This is the first and hopefully last +Jill Shalvis book I have not enjoyed.  I was confused for most of the book and I could not help thinking that this book was a little bit rushed.  

My reason for saying this is that +Jill Shalvis does not cut corners when writing her books. She comes up with unique creative ways of expressing what her characters are feeling, but not in this book.  Everything was cliche and predictable. As I read the book, it felt as if I was reading a book from a different author, since all authors writing styles are like a signature.  And this signature felt forced.

I read the book all the way to the end and the ending was way too close to the ending of another one of her books, My Kind of Wonderful.  I really hope that the next book in the series is written with the high standards I expect from Jill Shalvis.

When you read the book, tell me in the comments below what you think of it!


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Sweet Little Lies: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel
Sweet Little Lies: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel