THE FRIENDS WE KEEP by Susan Mallery

April 27, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

+Susan Mallery has done it to me again. She wrote a book of love, heartbreak, family and friends that brought tears to my eyes, again.  I absolutely loved this book and can't wait for more in this series.

Gabby Schaefer is excited to finally get back into the workforce.  After taking off five years to take care of her kids, they are finally old enough to go to pre-school and Gabby can now feel like a grown up again.

But plans have a way of going astray, especially when Gabby and her husband have different expectations for a family situation that may or may not ruin their lives.

Getting pregnant is not a problem for Hayley Batchelor, staying pregnant is the difficult part. With the expensive fertility treatments that Hayley and her husband take, you'll think that they'll have a better chance of staying pregnant.

But with miscarriage after miscarriage, Hayley looks like a former shell of her old self.  Her husband is worried about her, but Hayley wants to experience what every woman was born to do - at any cost.

Nicole Lord is still coming to terms with the divorce that should have left her devastated, but didn't. When her ex-husband left, Nicole realised that, other than their son, he did not really have a place in her life. The only thing he left with was a bag with his few things e had in the house.

Now Nicole realised that her marriage might not have been a marriage at all and must come to terms with the part she played in the termination of her marriage.  Things become complicated when a sexy new guy who's great with kids tempts her into wanted to give romance a second chance - but can she trust herself to recognise love?

Find out all of these three women's losses and triumphs in the second instalment of  The Mischief Bay Series, The Friends we keep.

I cried again with this book. +Susan Mallery has done it to me again and I can't even be angry at her for it.  This book was beautiful and spoke the truth of hardships that some women go through in their day to day lives. 

Susan Mallery likes to make things real, even if our hearts can't take it.  She makes us fall in love with her characters and then use our feelings against us and makes us feel and if we ourselves are experiencing the pain and the joy that her characters feel.

I don't want to give the book away, but I encourage you to read all the books in the Mischief Bay Series.  Granted, there is only two, but I anticipate much more to come.  The books are just that good.


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