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I love the cover of this and it's the cover that compelled me to pick up the book.  When I saw +Lisa Kleypas's name on the front cover, I was immediately sold and  I did not even read the description on the back of the book when I hurried over to the cash register.

"We're strangers in the darkness," he whispered. "We'll never be together like this again."

Zachary Bronson has built an empire of wealth and power, but all London knows he is not a gentleman. He needs a wife to secure his position in society—and the only one he wants is Lady Holly Taylor.

Holly always intended to play by society's rules, even when they clashed with her bolder instincts. But now Zachary has made her a scandalous offer that calls to her bold side.  

Should she abandon the principal she was born too and do something for herself?  Or are the rules of London to engraved in her to take on the challenge?

This was a wonderful book about the strength, love and determination.  The love of Holly's life died, leaving her without a husband and their daughter without a father.  Being a woman, Holly does not have many options on living on her own, so she moves in with her husband's family.

The family is more than happy to take her and her daughter in, but the household already has many mouths to feed, with little funds to do so.  So when Zachary gave her the option to work for him, Holly would have been foolish not to accept.

I liked Holly from the start.  She was not snotty and did not think that she was better than Zachary since he came from the working class.  She treated him as an equal.  Even when she broke Zachary and my heart, I still liked her.

Now the star of the book is supposed to be Holly, but to me it was Zachary.  He made something of himself with his determination and strength.  He knew that he wanted a wife and that he wanted Holly.  But when he had her under his roof and he saw how much Holly was still in love with her husband, he decided to back off and find someone else as a wife.

But with the both of them under the same roof with the memory of the kiss they shared between them, how can they ever stay just friends?  What melted Holly's heart the most was how Zachary interacted with her daughter.  He was not afraid to get down on the ground and play tea party with her little girl.

Every day, Holly found something new to like about Zachary and with each knowledge the panic inside Holly grew.  That's why when they crossed a certain line, Holly turned tail and ran right back to her in-laws.

The only negative thing I can say about the book is that it was a bit slow at times. I found myself putting down the book and doing other things before I pick it up again.  Of course, when I passed the mid-way point of the book, there was no putting the book down. Especially at the ending where I was crying my eyes out.

Fans of +Lisa Kleypas will love this stand-alone story that has many twist and turns.  It will have you laughing.  It will have you crying.  And it will also have you hopping mad.   Well, that was my reactions to the book.


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