THE BAD BOY CEO by Sugar Jamison

March 21, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I love Sugar Jamison books. It broke my heart when I found out that this book did not star a plus-size woman, but the hot and sexy Colt King was enough to ease my pain.

Colt King never wanted to go back to his small town home.  But that's exactly where he and his brothers ended up.  Their aunt who raised them after their father left, is hospitalized and the King brothers rush over to see her. 

What they saw was not what they were expecting. They found their aunt fit as a fiddle in her hospital room and Colt had the fortune of finding a half naked woman in their old home.  

Yes, the half-naked woman was sassy and held a shotgun towards him, but that did not stop Cole from noticing all she had on display.  

 Zanna Jacobs is trying to avoid danger, but it seems as if danger came and found her.  Unfortunately, she was not properly dressed for the occasion. 

This book was tons of fun to read.  I found that it ended a little too easily and abrupt, but the ride to the ending sure was a fun one.  Cole did not like having to worry where his next meal was going to come from and found out that his only way of leaving his small town of Destiny, Nevada was by hitting the books.

Books was his ticket out of town, for him and his brothers and they never looked back, until right now.  We got an insight of the brothers and what made them tick.  I gathered that they grew up with an acholic father who abandoned them after their mother died. So far, this is something that happens a lot in books and in real life.

Now he meets Zanna.  A girl that speaks to his inner bad boy whom he has not spoken to in years. Knowing that Zanna was trouble for him from day one, Cole tries to avoid her, but fate makes that impossible since they are staying under the same roof and working together as well.

Oh, how fate loves to screw with people.  I liked Cole and Zanna, but they are not perfect for me.  They spark was there, but I was not that excited to read about them as I would have liked.

Another aspect of the book that did not sit well with me was that it was obvious that there was going to be other books for the Colt brothers, and we also knew who they were going to end up with.  I mean, can we get a little mystery until their books actually come out instead of giving us all the details?

All in all, I liked the book, but I was not surprised by anything in the book, meaning everything that happened in the book, I predicted that it was going to happen and it did.  Still had fun reading it and looking forward to the second book in the series, which I find rather strange.


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