ONE HEART TO WIN by Johanna Lindsey

March 10, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This story has a pampered girl from England turn into a maid and cook for an uncivilized family.  And the book was awesome.

Tiffany Warren's heart is in a turmoil.  She hate's the father that wants nothing to do with her after her mother left him with no clear explanation as to why.  Tiffany would be more than happy on never having to see her father, but her mother has other plans.

Tiffany is being forced to marry her family's enemy in order to stop a ridiculous feud. Tiffany is totally against the marriage, but she promised her mother that she would try to get to know her fiance while she stayed with her father.

Upon arriving at her destination, an opportunity emerges.  One where she can get to know her fiance without having to see her father.

The opportunity was to become the housekeeper for the Callahan's.  The family of her fiance and her family's enemy.  As soon as she stepped into their house, she was immediately put to work.  Work, something that Tiffany has never done before ever in her life. 

She uses a different name and since the Callahan's have no idea what she looks like, it works out perfectly.  But it seems her fiance, Hunter Callahan, likes the new housekeeper. Maybe a little too much.  Soon he starts pursuing her and Tiffany does not know what to make of this.  Especially since he's already engaged to Tiffany Warren and acts nothing like it. 

And after this, was a fun and amazing rollercoaster of a story. 

I did not like Tiffany much in the beginning.  She seemed like such a shrew of a girl. When she went to the west to meet her father and her fiance, she kept whining about how she does not want to see her father and how she did not want to get married.

I understand that she felt abandoned, but did she ever stop and think about he must have felt?  One day, his wife ups and leaves him, taking their three-year-old daughter, with no clear explanation.  When he went to get his family back, his wife tells him to never come back again or she would shoot him.  I think if he was staying away, he was staying away for his life.

But the thing I disliked the most about Tiffany is that she thinks that only she is the injured party in this situation.  That only she is the one hurting by her parents separation. I wanted her to seriously get over herself, but seeing her be determined to do work she's never done before, made me like her, barely. 

The romance between Hunter and Tiffany was not believable to me. Hunter seemed like a five-year-old seeing a shiny new toy in Tiffany. He was flirting with her and every other female in town.  I still do not understand how Tiffany could fall in love with Hunter when there was Degan in the picture.

Degan was the one that was serious. He was the one with the mysterious background. He was the one that came to Tiffany's rescue when Hunter threw her to the wolves. They got along great, yet the author kept pushing Hunter and Tiffany together.  

Maybe I would have believed the romance more if Degan was not in the picture.  All I can picture is Tiffany calling off her engagement to Hunter and marrying Degan instead.  I was holding out hope towards the end, to no avail (sigh).

Another problem I had with this book was the so-called "feud" between the Warren's and the Callahan's.  It made no sense.  This feud has to be the most idiotic feud ever since the two families seem to like each other.  They fight for the most stupid of things and when something bad happens to either family.  Something bad like being shot at, they immediately blame the other family. 

Hunter is guilty of this on more than one occasion and it made no sense.  I can go on and on and on about it, but you guys will really understand where I'm coming from when you read the book for yourselves.

I have to accept that every book I've read of Johanna Lindsey, I did not like the ending.  My anticipation throughout the book will raise with each page, only to come to an easy ending. It's sad but true, and I hope one day that one of her books will end the way I anticipate it to end.

Even with all my complaining, I had a blast reading this book.  Tiffany was so sassy to the Callahans without meaning to be.  She tried to fit the bill of a proper housekeeper, but she kept reacting to situations the way Tiffany would and not as the housekeeper would.  I found myself laughing when Tiffany got angry and started hitting the rock-hard bread against the table in order for the family to eat it.  It was hilarious.


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