LET LOVE FIND YOU by Johanna Lindsey

March 08, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Wow, this book takes you on a whirlwind of a ride. A man called Cupid is enough to make me laugh, but how this Cupid found love for himself, was so beautiful.

Amanda Locke is everything a man can ask for in a wife.  She's beautiful, smart, engaging and a Duke's daughter.  But this is Amanda's third season and she is no closer to finding a husband than when she started.

Her family is trying their best to help her, but they themselves are baffled by her lack of marriage proposals.

She's doing everything right!  She would not allow any of her suitors to call on her nor does she truly listen to their stories.  She does all of the talking to the same gentlemen at every gathering, waiting for her true love to find her.  What else is she suppose to do?

When her sister-in-law suggests that she ask the famous cupid for advice, Amanda is mortified.  She refuses to ask the brute of a man who dared to tell her she talks too much for any kind of help.  Even with him looking as handsome as he does.

Devin Baldwin is over six feet tall, with a broad and powerful figure.  He's not someone that you think will have a nickname like Cupid, but alas it's true.  Devin has a way of finding someone their perfect match by asking them questions.  Questions he's come up with, based on his horse training.  It's not the traditional way of doing things, but he gets good results.

When one of the most beautiful creatures he has ever seen, offers to pays him to help her sister-in-law find a mate, he has no choice but to refuse.  The sister-in-law she speaks of refuses to listen to the advice given to her and has a sassy mouth to go with it.

 If you want to know more you have to read the book and find out.

I did not think that I would enjoy this book much.  The heroine sounded like a total brat (which she was) and I knew that I was not going to like her (which I did not). But she had a kind heart and that's what saved me from completely disliking her.

Every time that someone disagrees with Amanda, she's quick to open her mouth and scream at them.  She screamed at Devin, she screamed at her sister-in-law and did I mention she screamed at Devin.

But even with her dislike of Devin, she knew that she needed his help in order for her to learn to ride a horse.  She needs to do this to get the attention of a suitor who does nothing but talk of horses.  The one animal that strikes fear in her heart. 

I loved the antics of Devin and how he tried to get along with Amanda, even with her rotten attitude.  Soon, he finds himself seeing the real her and her fell in love with her.  Devin wants Amanda but knows that he can never have her, especially if she learns the truth about him. 

My one criticism of this book was how everything was resolved.  Devin confronts someone who knows about the attempted murders.  Said person refused to tell them who it was and Devin left it at that and left.  The solution to the problem was too simple and I needed a bigger confrontation than what was given.

I just love a man with a little mystery.  This book has sabotage, attempted murder and people falling in love with the wrong people.  This book has a little of everything from humor to romance and you are going to have a fun time reading this book.


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