HIS NEW JAM by Shannyn Schroeder

March 02, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I prefer His Work of Art to this book, the previous book in the series, to this one.  I still had a good time reading the book, it's just that I did not like the ending of the book that much.

Sydney Peters is the cymbal player of her school's marching band, but she hates it.  Her passion is really to play the drums, but since she's so good at playing the cymbals, they keep her at it.  At least, that's the excuse they gave her.

Swearing off men after her last disastrous breakup, Sydney is determined to stay away from the band flirt Hunter.  That is until he offers her a place as the drummer in his band.  This is one offer Sydney cannot refuse. 

Hunter is fascinated by Sydney and her aloof attitude. Maybe her ignoring his charms is what made him want her more, but one thing is for sure.  When he saw how passionate and amazing she looked when playing the drums, Hunter knew that he wanted that passion aimed at him.

Hunter and Sydney went into this relationship, only thinking that they were only going to have fun with each other.  What none of them bargained for was to fall in love.

Sydney was understandably a little bitchy.  She blames herself for being so stupid in her last relationship and did not want a repeat of that happening ever again.  She quit boys and focused all her attention on her studies and her music.

She was going great with her studies, but her music is not as far along as she would like it to be.  She loves playing the drums, but she does not own her own drumset and every time she tries to start a band, her personality clashes with the other members.

Hunter is the first person that Sydney has gotten along with and her personality does not drive him away.  Reading about the chemistry was nice and I liked how Hunter was concerned for Sydney's well being. 

The downside to this book.  The sex scenes were not needed.  I had no fun reading about them, for they were not hot and the sex felt like a placeholder in the book.  After barely reading the first one, I skipped the others.

Another thing I did not like, the ending. It was too abrupt and a safe way to end the book. There was no blow-out and there were no tears, just mutual understanding and it was a letdown.

Good book to read even with the lack of heated sex.  You guys would have fun reading this book, especially since the back story of the characters were explained better than the previous book.


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