ENRAPTURED by Candace Camp

March 19, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I enjoy reading Candace Camp books and this book was not, in my opinion, one of her best work but it was still fascinating to read.

Violet Thornhill is fed up with being a woman in a man's world and she does everything in her power to gain even ground with any man she comes across.  This is a hard thing to accomplish seeing as how she is on the short side, but this does not stop Violet from trying.

Her newest quest in gaining even footing is by arriving ahead of the rush to examine newly discovered ruins at an estate in Duncally. 

On her way there, her carriage was attacked by highwaymen. Violet was so angry she attacked her attackers with an umbrella.  But her umbrella was not enough and Violet finds herself saved, by a man.

Her rescuer's form of payment was too high in the form of a kiss, and Violet slammed the carriage door in his face and continued on her way.  When she arrived at the Estate, she met with none other than her so called "savior".

Coll Munro had no idea that the lady that he saved and aroused him to no end with only a kiss would be staying in the estate he was left in charge of.  Coll tried to absorb himself in different tasks to stay away from her, but something always has him gravitating towards the meddling bluestocking.

Her sharp mouth, intelligent mind, and her stubbornness, he finds that they can't say two words to each other without starting a fight, yet Coll can't deny his attraction to her. But when someone attacks Violet and threatens her extraction of the ruins, Coll finds himself joining forces with Violet to uncover a family secret and treasure.

Can these work together without fighting at every turn, or would the both of them succumb to the unmistakable attraction between them? Find out in the third installment of the Secrets of Loch Series, Enraptured.

This was one book, in a way, did not conform to the rules of society.  Violet wants to be free of any man's hold on her.  She vows never to marry and have everything of hers taken away and given to her husband.  Also, she loves her job.  A job that calls her to different parts of the world, and what husband would allow their wife to travel by themselves?  With this in mind, Violet stands firm in her 'no marring' rule.

There is an exception to her rule.  Even with her not wanting to marry, Violet is not against having some bedroom fun. Especially if her bed partner is Coll.

Coll would like nothing more than to accept Violet's invitation, but with him and his sister both being bastards, Coll tries not give in.  Coll's parents never married but that did not stop them from loving each other.  Coll grew up being stared at and whispered about.  He could of taken it, but what made his blood boil was when others spoke negative about his sister and his mother.

So Coll decided that he would protect Violet's reputation for her and try to resist her advances, which is hard to do since he's the one making almost of the advances. His only option was to avoid her at all cost, and he did this by staying away from the house doing various jobs for people.

Passion is not to be denied and Coll and Violet were forced into a situation that has the both of them working closely together. And that's when everything turned really amazing.

I had fun reading this book, but it was not the best Candace Camp book I've read.  Violet and Coll were just being difficult and that's a good base to start a book, but Coll's character overdid it a little.

I'm sorry to say, but for me, I just wanted the book to be over.  I think that it was stretched out a little and I kept hoping that the book would pick up and be like her other books, but to no avail. Also the villain in the story was quite obvious.  Ms. Camp tried to make it a surprise but I knew who the true villain was all along.

I liked the story and hope to read more of Candace Camp's work as I am not judging her writing just based on this book.


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