March 06, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

When reading this book, I was having a blast.  Naughty things were happening in one of my most favorite places in the world.   Then all of a sudden, the book makes a complete 180 on me and the amazing book turned to a confusion of emotions.

Penny Callahan has made a New Year's resolution of staying away from men.  Her love life is a book filled with heartache and deception and Penny is fed up with it.

She hopes her time of staying away from men will make her understand herself better and why she keeps making such bad choices in men.

Hosting a single's night at the Library she works at was not Penny's idea on how to avoid men, but it was a way to help a friend.  Penny was determined to stick to her plan, but her plan was shaken when she saw a sexy stranger at the party.

Jack Williamson is a reclusive author and wants it to stay that way.  But his mother puts his secret identity in trouble by signing him up to take part in single's night in the one place where he can most likely be recognized.

Determined to blend into the background, Jack was knocked off his behind when a shy librarian has him second guessing his single life.  Now he asks himself, is she worth it to tell her his secret?  Or would she blab to the media and have his life in a turmoil once again?

This book was great.  Penny was shy, sweet and friendly.  She took over for her friend when she had to go to the hospital to sit in with her sister who is pregnant.  This was a very hard thing to do for Penny since she is not good with crowds.  She never knows what to say and gets tongue tied in group situations.   She was holding up pretty good considering the circumstances.  

I can understand why Jack lied to Penny and I also understood why Penny got angry about it.  What I do not understand is the extent of Penny reaction to the deception.   If they were dating for weeks or even months and she figured out the truth on her own, Yeah, fine I can understand her over the top reaction.  But they only knew each other for a few hours and her reaction was not a believable one. 

Let's backtrack a little.  Jack convinced Penny to drop her New Year's Resolution by proving that he's not a liar nor a cheat and that he wants her for her.  He told her practically everything about his life, except his job.

Penny does not like to lie.  She avoids it at all cost and when she lies (which is very rare) she feels uncomfortable about it.  Yet, she lied to Jack in order to have her wicked way with him. So when his little, tiny, itsy-bitsy fib was discovered, she totally blows up on him. I find that it was totally uncalled for and unfair. 

After that, the book went downhill for me. Actually, it went downhill when everyone left and Penny turned into a totally new person.  I'm all for going after what you want, but let's just say, I understood why guys used Penny and left.

The beginning of the book was the best part for me and I was truly disappointed when the entire novella was not written the same way.  Hey, maybe some of you will enjoy the entire book.  You have to read it and see.


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