ANYTHING FOR YOU by Kristan Higgins

March 23, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book had me thinking a lot.  Jess's live was not an easy one.  She made some bad choices in her life, but she did them with the best intentions.  I wonder if I would have done, half of the things she did if I was in her position?

Connor O'Rourke proposed to the girl of his dreams, Jessica Dunn, and was refused! They have known each other throughout their entire lives and their relationship might not have the best history but their feelings are real.

They have always had an on again off again kind of relationship and Connor just wanted to make Jessica his wife.  But when she refused him, he told her that they were officially done and never getting back together.  Jessica just walked away.

Jessica Dunn has done things that no girl should have to do in order to protect her brother.  Growing up with two acholic parents, Jessica had to take care of both herself and her special brother for all of her life.

She has spent so much of her time thinking about surviving and taking care of her brother, that Jessica has not the time to think about what she wants for herself.  She wants Connor but seeing as how her brother hates him and has an episode whenever he sees him she has to make a choice.  She has to choose between her own life and her brother and she chose her brother over Connor.

Can Connor and Jessica move on from their doomed love or would fate have something in store for these two lovebirds?  Find out in the fifth installment of the Blue Heron Series, Anything for you.

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Anything for You

I love how +Kristan Higgins can weave a spell on you using only the power of words.  I really felt as if I was friends with Connor and even though I knew that Jessica is the only woman for him and I should try to like her, I did not.  

I understand that Jessica was forced to grow up and bear responsibilities that no child should have, but she got so accustom to how things were, she made no move to improve it. I think that all her life, she was needed in some way or the other, and not being needed, scared her. Connor said as much in the book, and I tend to agree with him.

Connor was one of the most sweetest guys ever.  He loved Jessica after the dog attack, (long story) and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but she kept breaking up with him.  If only Jessica gave her brother more freedom, then all their lives would have been happier.

I liked this book, a lot.  The writing was solid and I believed the story.  There were unexpected events that really shocked me and gave the story more dimension.  I'm looking forward to much more from Kristan Higgins.