ALL I WANT by Jill Shalvis

March 04, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I really liked this book.  The chemistry between the two were instant and the kiss at first sight just made everything much more interesting.

Zoe Stone is a pilot for hire who practically raised her brother and sister by herself while their parents traveled all over the world.

Being both parents to her siblings has put a big dent in her dating life.  Putting herself out there, Zoe took some advice from her sister to mix things up and kiss her blind date as soon as she opens the door.

Unfortunately, Zoe ended up kissing the wrong man. Instead, of her blind date (who stood her up) she kissed her bother's friend Parker.  The same friend Zoe promised to let stay at the house for a week.

Mortified by her behavior, Zoe tried to stay out of his way, but with Parker's magnetic personality and his ability to get under her skin, Zoe finds herself wanting to jump him instead.

The spark between the two intensifies when Parker hires her to fly him around the area for research on his work.  Being together with Parker in a small space did things to Zoe's senses and Parker does not seem immune.

This was a fantastic story that had me enthralled at the first page.  It's hard for Zoe to relinquish control to anybody, since she always had to be in control at all times in order to care for her siblings. This is why she was terrible at accepting help from others.

Parker offered to help with the repairs around the house, but Zoe wanted to do it all herself, even though she has no clue on what to do.  No matter how many times she tries.  In order to abide by her rules, Parker does the repairs when Zoe is not around or if she was asleep.

It had a lot of push and pull in this book.  Zoe wanted to push Parker away, yet Parker was pulling her towards him.  They agreed that they will not take part in any naked playing since Parker will not be there to stay and Zoe is looking for a committed relationship.

That rule lasted longer than I thought it would, but boy was it good when they forsaken the rules and just have at each other.  This book has the +Jill Shalvis humor and romance that I just love to read.  

Jill Shalvis is definitely and author I can just pick up any of her books and know that I will enjoy it and you will too.


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