WIN ME OVER by Nicole Michaels

January 12, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This is my first book by +Nicole Michaels and the book was entertaining, but to me, it was not all that great. Some of the problems in the book were not believable to me, but weirdly, I still had fun reading.

Callie Daniels is a triple threat. She owns and operates her own Bakery, contributes to a popular lifestyle blog and she is the new dance coach at the local high school.

She believes that you have to work hard in order to get what you want, and has thrown herself head first into her work, leaving no time for dating.

Bennett Clark is the football coach of the town's football team and believes in playing by the rules. When he got his first glimpse of the dance instructor, it blew his mind.  But Bennett learned his lesson about love the hard way and wants nothing to do with the sexy teacher.

That is, until some sneaky manipulation on the principal part has them as partners in a charity dance competition.  And that's all she wrote.

I was confused by the chemistry between Bennett and Callie.  They had the heat, but I was not feeling it.  I still don't understand the reason why Callie turned Bennett down when he first kissed her.  I understand that she does not approve of her mother being a stay-at-home mom, but she admitted to liking Bennett.  I don't understand why she did it.

Logically, when you shoot a man down, he won't want to see you again, but because of the dance competition, they still have to work together, and they did, just not with the fun flirting that they did before and Callie was frustrated with that.

I mean, HELLO! You basically rejected Bennett's affection and expect him to act like everything's normal? I don't think so. Apparently this type of behavior was going on for a few days, but it felt like only one day past before Callie had enough and went after Bennett.

The book was going along okay when BAM, a new drama emerge in the form of one of their friends running from a man.  Quite frankly, I wished Bennett's and Callie's love story was over to see what happens with her fiend, but alas it was not meant to be.  I'm looking forward to that story.

I liked the book, but it was nothing to really feel excited about, especially the part where Bennett made something, that has nothing to do with him, and made it all about himself. As a result he holed up in his house by himself when Callie was out their actually doing something meaningful and worth while.

Bennett got me so mad at the end of the book and the way he got her back, I don't like it.  It was too easy and not much talking was done.  You'll see what I mean when you read the book.


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