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OMG, I LOVED the hero in this book. He's so dreamy and full of heart and I'm glad he got a happy ending. The woman, however, my feelings for her was like a yo-yo.  First it was down, then it came up and then it went right down again in the ending.

Brittany Forrest got away from her island home of Puffin Island to get away from the sympathetic stares and comments from the kind hearted islanders when her marriage ended after only ten days.

It stung that much more when she married him after everyone warned her against marrying the island bad boy Zachary Flynn. Determined to escape the sympathy and her thoughts of Zach, she flees the island and has not seen nor heard from Zach in the next ten years.

Zachary Flynn has seen and experienced things no child should ever have to go through. Being subjected to an abusive parent, Zach learnt from a young age that the only one who can look after him is himself.

When he came to Puffin Island he was given a chance at a new life, a life he did not believe was real. When he met Brittany, he felt something he has never felt before and it scared him. Making him leave their marriage before he screwed it up in some way in the future.

It's been ten years and he and Brittany are back on Puffin Island, Him to stay and her to recuperate a broken wrist.  But ten years was not long enough to dull the flames these two innate in each other and it was very fun to read as they both consumed one another.

As I've said before, I loved Zach.  He learned to turn his emotions off when he was a child and does not know how to turn them back on again.  He has lived his life, never talking about his past, hoping that the past will stay in the past.

Brittany on the other hand, even with her parents leaving her upbringing to her grandmother, she had a wonderful childhood.  She was also one of the few people to see beyond Zach's bad boy ways and tried to get to know him.  Which was a really difficult thing to do, seeing as how Zach never talks about himself.

In the beginning, Brittany was a total b*t*h to Zach.  yes I understand that he left you, but I don't understand why she had to accuse him of things he never done, especially to her.  Also her "pride" sounded like stupidity to me.  There is always a time to stand on your own two feet and a time when you know that you have to ask for help, and apparently, she did not know when those two times was.

I was confused by the beginning of this book.  It seemed like the author just wanted to tell a back story really quickly to get it over with and I lost interest in the book.  But I kept reading and I really enjoyed the book and you will too.


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