I'LL BE THERE by Samantha Chase

January 19, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Wow.  This book had me guessing over and over, what would make Zach and Gabriella break up.  I quite liked how +Samantha Chase had me on my toes with this book.

Zach Montgomery puts Oscar the Grouch and The Grinch out of business with his rotten temperament. His attitude is understandable, he did fall off a mountain and broke almost every bone in his body and lived to tell the tale.

For Zach, this is the worst thing that could ever happen to him.  He thrives on adventures and being active.  So being confirmed to crutches to move around on is humiliating. Hense his rotten attitude.

Things come naturally to Zach.  He never had to try hard at studying or sports, but in order for him to get back full mobility of his legs, Zach has to put in the work.  Work he seems to run away from.  

His family and friends all want to help him, but he does not want their pitying stares and chases them all way. 

His family, desperate for Zach to commit to his recovery, pull out the big guns.  The big guns being his assistant Gabriella Martine. The only person who can stand up to Zach and challenge him to do more.

Zach hates for anybody to see him in his weakened state, especially Gabriella, so he tried his best to be as rotten as he can to drive her away. Gabriella was having none of that and fights back.  Can Zach ever get over himself to get better?  Or would the help of his sexy assistant to the trick?

This book was one roller coaster of a ride. Zach was a trip.  He acted like a big baby who was not getting their own way. He fired every trainer that was sent over to help him recover, all because he thought they saw him as weak.  Of course, in doing this, he's proving that he is weak and can't handle the work that needed to be done for him to get back to normal.

It's just, that when Zach fell off the mountain, he was filled with fear.  Fear of falling again, fear or not being able to walk again and fear of not gaining his independence back.  This fear crippled him more than the actual fall from the mountain.

Gabriella has to be one of the strongest people ever to put up will all of Zach bull crap.  For years he's been treating her like crap because of something that he misunderstood.  With the help of his best friend, Zach was able to realize what an arse he has been and then he did some much-needed groveling to Gabriella.

As you can imagine, they get together, but Zach was still mostly up in his head.  What if this goes wrong?  Or what he she walks away?  Were questions that were constantly on his mind.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, the book kept me guessing as to what would eventually make Zach and Gabriella break up.  I thought that the game of cat and mouse would go on until the end of the book where they reveal their feelings to each other.

This did happen, but not at the ending.  I also thought when Zach left Gabriella out of the loop, was when they were going to break up, but alas it was not.  What did break them up was a surprise for me.  I could not believe the nerve of Zach, just when I was starting to like him too.

All I'm saying, prepare yourself for one amazing read in this book.  I'm trying to think of a downside to it, but I can't find any I can't wait to read more of Samantha Chase.


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