DARE TO ROCK by Carly Phillips

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I honestly thought this was the last book in the series.  I have no idea why, but I did.  Not sure if I'm up to reading the rest of the series since it seems to all blend together and sound the same.

Avery Dare is the introvert of the Dare family.  She makes her living as an online fashion and makeup video blogger. She has the love of her family, (well almost) and great friends.  Even with her lack of a love life, Avery still feels okay.  That is until she gets an invitation from her ex.

This is no ordinary ex.  This ex went on to become a world-famous rock star.  A rock star than can melt a girls panties with just a look.  For some reason, he wants to see Avery again and that's why he sent her tickets to his concert as well as a backstage pass.

Avery was not sure if she should go, but deciding to take a risk for once in her life, well technically the second in her life, Avery took the chance and got burned in the end.

Grey Kingston has something to prove to himself and everyone and in order to do this, he left everything he knows behind at the ripe age of eighteen and has never looked back.  As his luck would have it, he found what he was looking for in the form of being the lead guitarist and singer of the rock band, Tangled Royal.

Everyone wants a piece of him. Especially the ladies.  But even with all his fame, Grey wants to walk away from it all to the dismay of his manager.  All Grey wants now is to go back to having a normal life...with the woman he left behind and can't stop thinking about.  The question is, would she take him back?

Now that Grey has walked away from the rock star life, he goes after Avery.  He is determined to win her back, even with all her walls ups and it seemed as if he was winning.  But something dark was brewing in the background.  Soon Avery is threatened by a stalker and it seem as if Grey's fans do not approve of her.

His fans do not like that he is retiring and seem to think that Avery was the reason he quit. Avery has a bad history of crowd (thanks to her father) and she does not think that she can be around Grey and his lifestyle.

Can Grey convince Avery that they are worth the trouble?  Would it be too much for Avery and she walks away?  Who is this mystery stalker?  Find out in the seventh instalment of the Dare to Love series, Dare to Rock.

+Carly Phillips I liked this book, but it was not my favourite.  The back story was not fully developed nor was the idea of the stalker.  Even if it was possible, it made no sense that now they decided to go after Grey.  Also the level of craziness at which the stalker started at was also not believable and I found myself exasperated by that part of  the book.

I understood that Avery was traumatised in the past but damn, after all those years she barely tried to get over it. Not even a little  She has some major daddy issues, seriously her dad is a jerk, and she just takes and takes and takes his crap and never called him out on it.

Now she has Grey, practically grovelling at her feet to give him a chance and she hesitated.  This sexy, sweet man, quit his career and has all his attention on you and all you can think about is that he's going to leave you in the near future.  I got so tired of her real fast even though I understood why she felt that way.

Grey was so sweet and HOT.  He wanted Avery, but he did not just want her body, he wanted her heart and he was in it for keeps.  But with Avery resisting him and her family getting in the way, what is a man to do to win his woman.

When trouble comes in a form of a stalker, Grey went all alpha on it and put things in place to protect his woman and that was all good and all but it was not believable enough to me.

Their relationship was going well, except for Avery's doubt and the stalker came out of nowhere and the motivation behind the stalker was not concrete.  This story had a lot of cracks that needed filling.

The story was predictable and stretched too long and the ending was such a cliche.  Yes, I enjoyed the book but it was a let down after I've read the other books in the series.  I hope the next one is better.


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