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This book was a disappointment from my expectations of it. Yes, I liked the book and had many a laugh over it, but the female main character was not the strong independent woman I was told she would be.

Alexandra Dempsey is the only female firefighter at Engine Co.6.  This means that she gets it from all sides from co-workers who thinks that she can't do the job to the wives of said co-workers who think that she is after their men. The worst is probably her over-protective brothers who only sees her as their baby sister.

Everything changes when she saves the life of Eli Cooper, the devastatingly handsome mayor of Chicago, Alexandra thought that she finally earned the respect she deserves, but Mr. Mayor have other plans...

Eli Cooper is not having a happy re-election. But a great opportunity landed at his feet of the sexy and hotheaded, Alexander Dempsey.  After she saves his life, the public loves her and Eli plans to use her new-found fame to breathe new life into his campaign.

But Eli has been battling with his attraction for the fiery firefighter and knows better than to lay hands on his employee.  But when new developments arise, Eli wants nothing more than to teach Alexandra some discipline in a way that is pleasurable to both of them.

Can the passionate Alexandra ever agree to Eli's ridiculous claims?  Would Eli's strategy of  using Alexandra to win his campaign work?  Or would these two be too different to work closely together?  Find out in the second installment of the Hot in Chicago Series, Playing with Fire.

Alexandra was one of the biggest brats I have ever met.  She does one of the most stupidest things on the job, for a minor reason and wants to put all the blame on the person who saves not only her ass, but her family's as well.

She likes to claim that she can take care of herself and she does not need help fighting her won battles.  But in actuality, she starts her own fights and expect others to fix it for her when it becomes to much.

Alexandra did not speak to me if independent woman like the author intended. It's was difficult for me to actually like her and just when I was getting there, she goes and hurts sweat Eli with her mean words.

Eli on the other hand is a totally different story.  I do not understand the attraction between the two, but they do make a cute couple. Eli did all the fighting in the relationship.  All Alexandra did was complain and want to walk away and it was Eli who had to be strong for the both of them. I really like Eli.

This book was fun, especially the part when Alexandra realized that she was a giant brat of a woman. The book has a healthy dose of humor, which I really love in books and even with me nothing liking a half of the couple of Eli and Alexandra, I still quite enjoyed their love story.


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