IF ONLY YOU KNEW by Kristan Higgins

December 27, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I requested this book mainly because I read one of +Kristan Higgins books and I loved it, and I wanted to read another  to see if the magic I experienced with the best man was still there.  It was still there, can't wait to read more of her books.

Nothing can be more depressing than staying in your ex-husband's life, just because it's the only way you can stay near him.  The last straw came when she delivered their baby at the baby shower and had to listen to her ex-husband thank her while crying on the phone.

Finally having enough of being the perfect ex-wife, who is okay with her husband finding her boring, our heroine, Jenny Tate, moves from Manhattan to her hometown of Hudson.

On her first day arriving at her new apartment, Jenny finds herself meeting her landlord, Leo, who seems to be cocky yet sad.  Soon Jenny finds herself falling for him and is sad eyes but Leo does not want a relationship and that leave Jenny with a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Jenny does not have much time to dwell on her troubles when her sister, Rachel,  is going through a difficult time in her marriage.  Rachel has discovered that her husband is sexting with another woman and does not know what to do about it.

Rachel told her husband, before they got married, that if he ever cheated on her she would leave him. Rachel finds herself rethinking that decision when she considers her three daughters growing up in a broken home.  Rachel wants to have the perfect marriage that she idolizes that her parents had, and clings to that picture as she tries to make things work with her husband.

Jenny does cannot help but feel disappointed in her sister,  Especially since her reason for holding on is because of their parents "perfect marriage" that was not perfect at all.  This has been a burden that Jenny has been holding for years since she was the only one in her immediate family who knew the truth about her parents marriage.

Would Jenny tell the secret after all these years to save her sister from herself?  Would Rachel stay with her husband?  And what about the non-romance between Jenny and Leo?  Find out in the inspiration and fun book, If Only You Knew.

+Kristan Higgins wowed me once again with her book.  At first, the book was a little slow for me then it picked up really fast and had me at the edge of my seat for the rest of the ride.

Jenny was a strong and independent woman that was instantly likeable except for one thing, her inability to cut herself off from her ex-husband.

OMG, Jenny was so confident and strong but anytime her ex called her, she would immediately turn into this bizarre creature that did his bidding willing and as soon as he leaves her presence, Jenny realizes how stupid was acted but can't seem to make herself stop.

I have no idea was she is even hung up over him anyway.  He seemed like such a self-absorbed eg-head.  He is a plastic surgeon that does wonderful things for people in third world countries but all he seems to talk about is himself and makes Jenny feel guilty for just being a dress designer instead of saving the world in some way or another.

The he breaks up with her, and not because her cheated on her or found someone else, it's because he does not love her anymore and does not even try to save the marriage, he just wants to get out of it but still wants to be her friend.  After some time, he found the perfect woman, who is also a doctor, and they get married and children...I'm sorry, I'm getting a little carried away.

The bottom line is, Jenny's ex had a God complex about himself and when things do not go the way he wants it too, he cuts his losses and walks away.

When she finally runs away because she cannot stand the woman she becomes when she is around her ex-husband, Jenny meets Leo.  Leo is a piano teacher that pushes everyone away beside his students.

He hates himself and wants everyone to hate him as well, but Jenny sees the sweet, kind nad sensitive man that he is trying to hide and can't help herself from wanting to help him.  Too bad Leo does not want any help and refuses to share the most important part of himself, his heart.

The juicy part of this book, however, is with Rachel. Rachel intercepts a text on husbands phone and sees a picture of something that looks like a tree.  She goes to her sister's new place and ask her what the picture looked like and the answer got her to open her eyes to what she was really seeing.

Instead of doing the dignified thing and cuss out her husband and throw him out in the street, she lives in denial and expects her sister to accept her decision.  Yeah, that did not sit well with Jenny.

Rachel pulls Jenny into her family drama by asking her advice but got mad at Jenny for telling her the truth and standing up to her husband for her.  I seriously got annoyed and angry and Rachel for choosing to be so gullible, but you do crazy things when you're in love.

This book is filled with drama that would put Days of our Lives to shame.  (Oaky, I may have exaggerated, but you get my point, right!).  This book states that it is a romance book, but it heavily leans on the woman's fiction category.

My only criticize is that Kristian has to work on her attention grabber, which is the beginning.  So far, all the books I've read from her, the beginnings were boring and I would have out it down except that I do not like to start a book and not finish it.

 I had a ton of fun reading this book, especially the surprise ending.



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