THRILL ME by Susan Mallery

October 23, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

If you loved Kiss Me, then you are going to enjoy this.  This story is about Zane's sister Maya and how she got her turn to find love, or in this case, re-find her love.

Maya Farlow learned the value of depending on yourself to get things done right.  She learned this lesson the hard way. When things were going good, and she found herself falling for the local  bad boy, Del Mitchell, Maya ran.

She did not run because she was afraid of him, she ran because she was afraid of how she felt and that if she settled, she might turn into her mother. Scared out of her mind, Maya said some things that she was not proud of to Del, broke his heart, and her's as well, packed up and moved out of Fool's Gold.

Del, devastated by having his love thrown back into his face, packed up and moved out of town as well.  Not to follow Maya, but to follow his own dreams, whatever they may be.  Leaving his family and his responsibilities behind.

Fast track to tens years later, we find these two love birds back again in Fool's Gold, at the same time. Mayor Marsha is at it again.  She seems to be behind every hookup in town and now she's using her powers to bring Del and Maya together again.

Not knowing what they were in for, Maya Marsha signs them both up to collaborate to promote the town's new slogan, "The Destination for Romance".  Maya is hired to be behind the camera whilst Del's job is to be the celebrity spokesperson. Talk about awkward.

Del does not hold any grudges, but he is determined not to fall back in love with the woman who broke his heart. She lied to him once before, what's going to stop her from lying again.  A steamy kiss between the two has Del wanting to throw all of his doubts out the window.

Will Del ever learn to forgive and forget?  Would Maya ever have the courage to tell Del the real reason why she left?  What secret is Maya keeping from Del?  Find out in the 18th installment of The Fools's Gold Series, Thrill Me.

+Susan Mallery has really invested a lot of time and effort into Fool's Gold.  All her hard work has paid off. All of her characters are fully developed until they feel as if her characters are part of the family.  Maybe that's why her books are in such high demand, she makes you fall in love with all her characters and leaves you with anticipation for their love story.  Well played Susan, well played.

Maya has such a big heart, just like her brother Zane.  They are so much alike, thinking that they do not deserve love, it's scary how alike they are.  She ran away because she did not believe enough in herself to stay.  My only hiccup with her is the manner in which she broke up with Del.

Del is a pretty cool dude who also happens to be a jerk.  He left home for ten years and barely interacted with his family.  I understand why he stayed away from his dad, but I don't understand why he stayed away from his wonderful mother and his brothers.

When Del came back in town, he told no one about him returning, and he wanted to act as if nothing is wrong.  He expected to fit right in as if he never left.  When things don't go the way he anticipated, he's confused by his brothers behavior towards him.  Barely picking up a phone for the past ten years would do that to any relationship.

Oh, the scale of secrets in this book had me so enrapt in the book.  I want to tell you guys so much, but I'll be giving away too  much of the book.  Read and fall in like with this book as I did.  Why not fall in love, because I gave all my love to Kiss Me, the 17th book in the series.


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