A TASTE OF SUGAR by Marina Adair

October 11, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Marina Adair is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.  The description of the book was spot on and if you have been with my blog for a while, you know that I adore book covers with animals on it.

"We're still married."

Those were the words that turned Charlotte Holden's entire life, upside down. She thought that her secret marriage with the town's bad boy, Jace McGraw, was over and down with years ago and did not anticipate nor need this kind of complication in her life.

Nursing her broken heart was tough enough and having poured all her energy into creating the Grow Clinic in her small hometown of Sugar, Georgia, Charlotte does not have any room for a secret ex-husband.

Having this secret come out would not only ruin her reputation in Sugar, it might also ruin her chances of Hosting the best Founder's Day Parade to pursue a big-city donor into investing into the Grow Clinic.

Charlotte's only choice is to get an annulment and fast, but would Jace want to have their marriage annulled?

Jace McGraw knew that the annulment of his marriage went through years ago, so it came as a big surprise when he applied for a loan but the bank did not want to take the risk on him.  When he asked why, he got the shock of his life when they told him that his "wife" had some credit issues.

Jace needs the loan in order to put down an offer for his dream business in Atlanta. Blown away by the news, Jace knew he only had one thing to do,  give the annulment another go. To do this, he must confront the woman he walked away from because he did not want his troublemaker reputation to ruin her dreams.

Armed with a plan of going home to Sugar and getting out fast, was his original plan but family have a wonderful way of ruining plans, and Jace knew he was stuck.  At least for a while longer than her planned.  On seeing Charlotte again after all these years has old feelings rearing its head and Jace find himself not wanting to walk away this time.

Unfortunately, Charlotte is adamant about getting the annulment and Jace has no choice but to go through with it.  With all the papers signed and ready to go, they have to wait a few weeks before the papers can go through.

Not expecting the long wait, Charlotte was worried but Jace had some hope.  Can he use the few weeks left of their marriage to win Charlotte back?  Will the guilt Jace holds over himself make him run away again?  How did a sheep fit into this story?  Find out in the third installment of the Sugar, Georgia Series, Sugar on Top.

I loved, loved, loved, loved...(you get the picture) this book. Charlotte was a little to full of herself, but she's a doctor, it's allowed.

My favorite character in this entire book was Lucy.  Poor girl got her heart broken by a stud and now she's hating on all men...almost.  She has a soft spot for Jace. (giggles)

Jace is such a loving man, no wonder it does not take long for women to fall in love with him.  Only someone who loves as much as Jace, can still blame themselves for an accident that happened years ago as well as walk away from the woman he loves to save her reputation.

Charlotte was so weak in this book.  She was not strong enough to stand up to her father, she was not strong enough to speak up and worst of all, she was not strong enough to fight for Jace.

Throughout the book, Jace blames himself for walking away and Charlotte piles onto that by blaming him as well. She never really took into consideration that Jace did not just walk away, he told her the reason why and was gone in the morning, leaving annulment papers behind.

She knew where he was going, and what he was going through.  Instead of ripping up the papers and going and stand by him in his battle, she took the easy way out  and signed the papers and left.  It was all her idea to keep their marriage a secret in the first place, how was Jace suppose to expect her to stand by him in his time of need?

That was the main thing that got to me in the book.  Not once did she ever lessen the burden of their marriage not working out from Jace, she chose to stay silent and let him take all the blame.  This was the main reason why I lost most of my respect for Charlotte.

Marina Adair wrote a wonderful story about second chances and true love. I can hardly wait to read more great work from Marina.


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