NOT MY BOYFRIEND by Monica L. Anderson

October 04, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Not my boyfriend was the perfect title for this book. The emotional roller-coaster that resides in this book will bring you on an unbelievable journey of the heart.  And I really mean unbelievable.

Max is stuck at a co-worker's retirement party and he has appointed himself the designated driver of the group since his colleagues are all well into their cups.

Max sits at the bar in frustration since he has given up one night stands and right now he is in a six month dry spell looking for Mr. Right.

But Mr. Right can wait when he sees intense brown eyes and a devilish smirk from across the room. When Mr. brown eyes comes over and offers him some hot gratification in the bathroom, Max just could not refuse.

Karson is only looking for pleasure.  He gave the love thing a shot and when his no-good ex cheated on him, Karson closed himself off from love, refusing to be hurt again.

He has rules to avoid the trap of love again that include never more than once and never spend the night. The rules have been working for him for years except even after he had Max in the bathroom, he finds himself wanting more.

Can Max accept only having one night?  Will Karson break his own rules and go after Max?  Find out in the story of Not my Boyfriend.

This was a nice book, but it brought nothing new to the table.  It was all predictable and when you read the description of the book on +Goodreads and then read the book, you'll find out that the description summed up the entire book in a nutshell.

There were not any surprises in this book, Maz liked Karson, Karson liked Max but was too scared to take a chance.  When it seemed as if their relationship was progressing, Karson's ex-boyfriend come back into the picture and I know you can guess what happens after that.

I was not very impressed with this book. The sex was pretty good and the telling of the story was good, but I can't quite understand how Max could fall in love with Karson so quick and so fast, especially since Karson was a total dick.

What would have made this story more fun to read was if Karson's ex was calling him before he even met Max and because he was agitated about the phone calls, he goes to the bar to blow off some steam and then meets Max.  That would have made it more believable to me.

This was still an okay story to read, especially if you are like me and like some angst in your stories.