October 17, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was a breath of fresh air from all the other romance books that seem to be getting a little dirtier as time moves on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I still enjoy those type of books.  But sometimes, a girl needs a break.

Madeline Krug is the resident owner of Fool's Gold Bridal Boutique.  She has the magic touch of always finding the perfect dress for each of her brides.  Seeing the joy on their when they find the perfect dress, always fills Madeline with pride.

 Knowing how good she is at her job, Major Marsha assigned Madeline with the task of planning a wedding for a special new resident.

Excited about this new venture that was bestowed upon her, and really, who can say no to Mayor Marsha? Madeline accepts this task only to regret it soon after. In order to plan this wedding, Madeline has to work closely with the bride's brother, who is none other than Jonny Blaze.

Jonny Blaze is a famous movies star that recently moved to Fool's Gold to get away from the movie star life and live normally like he used too.  That is a hard thing to achieve since many consider him to be gorgeous and sexy.  One of those people happens to me Madeline who has had a huge celebrity crush on him. Can Madeline keep her cool and stop herself from drooling all over Jonny?

Find out in the 19th installment of the Fool's Gold Series, Marry Me at Christmas.

+Susan Mallery has given us a work of art that I have not seen in a very long time.  I love books where the characters instantly feel attracted to each other, but reading it in book after book after book, the books tend to blend into one another.

What Susan gave us here was a slow build up from friendship to attraction and then into love.  I enjoyed every minute of it.

Madeline was adorable.  In earlier books, it was mentioned, on more than one occasion, where she had a crush on Jonny.  When he moved into town (thanks to Phoebe from KISS ME), Madeline almost had a cow.  She never approached him, she just admired him from afar.

When Mayor Marsha practically pushed her in his life, doing her magic godmother duty as a matchmaker, Madeline almost had a heart attack.  But over time, her nervousness fell away and Madeline found herself captivated by the real Jonny and not the one she sees on TV.

Jonny is one sweet man.  Even with almost everyone he loves being taken away from him, he has a huge capacity to share his love.  The only thing is, he shows it rather than say it.  He never says "I love you" not even to his sister, even with her being the only family he has left.

Instead, he orders her a huge monstrosity of a cake, a hideous dress (okay the dress was beautiful, but it was too overwhelming for his sister) and only wanted to go bigger and bolder.  I had more than one good laugh over Jonny and his antics.

Yes, it had your typical story line.  Girl is insecure about herself.  Girl likes popular boy.  Girl does not feel good enough for him.  Boy sees girl.  Boy likes girl.  They live happily ever after.

Yes. the book had that BUT, Susan wrote it in such a way that it felt brand new.  I am most thankful for the sex scene.  It was a built up to it rather than, I find you sexy, let's go to bed. I had a breath of fresh air with this book and I hope I can find more like it.