KISS ME by Susan Mallery

October 18, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This is my favorite book in the Fool's Hold Series right now.  This was so sweet and sexy and I couldn't get enough.

Phoebe Kitzke is the kindest person you will ever meet.  She would literally give you the shirt off her back if you needed it more than she did.

Too bad that same kind heart of hers is what made her get suspended from her job with no pay.  Determined that this was the last time that she would ever do a favor for someone, her best friend throws a wrench in her new resolutions and pleads for her to help her family ranch in Fool's Gold.

Knowing that she cannot deny her friend anything, Phoebe agrees and find herself on an early flight to Fool's Gold where she gets her first sighting of the silent and sexy, Zane Nicholson.  Phoebe's heart kicked up a notch when she saw the sexy cowboy, too bad his face shows that he is not thrilled to have her there.

All his life Zane always had to be in control.  He had to take control of himself, the farm, especially after his mother died and his father went into a downward spiral of depression.

As a way to cope with his depression, Zane's father would find a new woman to fill the found of his dead wife.  None of the women ever worked out for long, but Zane gained a half-brother and a step-sister out of his father's brief love affairs and Zane knew that he had to be in control of his siblings as well.

Years later and the brother that Zane was supposed to be in control of, pulls the dumbest scheme in his entire teenage life.  A scheme that could land him in prison, except Zane uses it as a way to teach his brother a lesson once and for all.

Unfortunately, Zane's brother's latest scene involves allowing strangers onto his farm and taking part in his cattle drive.  It is a liability to bring inexperienced people on a cattle drive for if an emergency comes up, they would hinder rather than help the situation.  But teaching his brother a lesson is too good an opportunity to pass up.

What Zane did not anticipate, however was meeting a woman whose laugh can melt his heart, made his brother adore her and who can make friends with any animal.  As shown when she befriended the leader of his herd.  Yes, Zane did not put into consideration of meeting someone like Phoebe, someone who can get under his control facade and make him want things that he has no business of wanting.

One slip of his control led Zane to give Phoebe a kiss that rocked both of their worlds, but while Phoebe has been happy to pursue a happy ever after, Zane is against it.  He refuses to turn into the type of man his father turned out to be and tries to stay away from Phoebe.

Can Phoebe chance Zane's mind?  Would Zane finally teach his brother his lesson?  Would Phoebe make good on her promise and stop helping people?  Find out in the 17th installment of Fool's Gold, Kiss Me.

I absolutely loved this book.  It was sweet, it was sexy and it was just plain awesome. +Susan Mallery has blown me away with her characters and story line she has made me anticipate more of her work.

Phoebe is just too sweet for her own good.  Her boss made a gigantic mistake at work and poor Phoebe took the blame for it.  That was nice of Phoebe, but it cost her her job and possibly her license.

No, I'm not talking about her drivers license, I'm talking about her realtor license. Needing a change, Pheobe agrees to help her best friend do damage control between her two brothers and that is when a love story was born.

Her sweet side also makes Phoebe a little weird.  Apologizing to trees and talking to animals cannot be normal, yet Phoebe makes it work and it's this side of Phoebe that get beneath Zane's air tight control and makes him feel.

While Phoebe is open and honest Zane is totally different.  Zane is one sexy piece of a cowboy.  The picture on the cover of the book does even come close to how I have him in my mind, with bulging muscles, really tall and always wearing a cowboy hat. Also, he was mostly shirtless in my mind.  Yeah, he's that sexy.

When he finally got rid of his control and put his hands on Phoebe, boy did I feel the fire coming from the book.  Phoebe's and Zane's chemistry together were a perfect amount of sexuality mixed with emotional connectivity.

This book was perfect on all levels,  the only thing that I did not understand was why Zane despises his neighbor?  At first I thought that he used to be mean and rub it in Zane's face that he have something that Zane can never have back.  But it was not true.

Trying to prove one's worth to your father can be extremely difficult, especially since he's dead.  I'm glad that Zane met Phoebe and that she thought him how to let go.

Looking forward to the next book in the series named Thrill Me where we get an in-depth look at Zane's sister and her love life, or lack of one.


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