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Now this was at a disadvantage to me, since I did not read the first two books in the series, thank goodness it can read as a stand alone.

Richard Craven had felt like his heart broke when the love of his life, was forced to marry a violent brute of an OLD man.  Unable to curb his desire for her, he was almost caught in an uncompromising position with said MARRIED lady, until someone intervened.

The person who helped him was none other than Lady Madeline Knight.  A woman he views as a sister but due to certain circumstances, they must now wed.

Fate seem to throw a cruel hand at him, since not a day goes by after he weds Madeline, that news reaches him, stating that the woman he loves husband is dead. To make matters worse, she might be pregnant with his child.

Madeline Knight thought she was doing the right thing when she saved Richard from his lovers irate husband.  She was able to save him from that scandal only to jump into another.  

The way in which she saved however, left them no choice but to get married.  Madeline would have been thrilled with this news since she's been in love with Richard for years.  Instead she feels guilty since she felt as if she trapped him into this marriage.

Knowing their was nothing they can do with their circumstances, Madeline wants to be the perfect wife for Richard and hopefully, over time, he would return her feelings.  When news of Richard's ex-lover's husband death came she was devastated.

Her feeling of guilt returned ten fold, and Madeline was thinking of ways for Richard to be free when a family enemy is out for revenge.  Would Richard learn the truth of his heart?  Would Madeline give up Richard without a fight?  Would the unknown enemy have their way? Find out in the third installment of The Invitation To...series, Invitation to Passion.

+Bronwen Evans just surprises you in her book now doesn't she!  I was not expected that ending, it was so unexpected, yet it felt right.  Maybe I might of figured it out if I read the entire series, but unfortunately I did not.

This book can be read by itself but to fully understand it, you have to read at least the first book in the series, at least that's what I get from what I read.

I felt for Madeline, I really did.  To finally marry the love of your life, knowing that he is in love with someone else.  Especially someone who is more beautiful than you.  Then after having an amazing wedding night, to have it ruined by the death of his ex-lover's husband. The agony.

Richard did not make things any easier.  When he got the news, he did not reassure Madeline in any way, and when he did, it was to late.  Richard was also fickle.  One minute he loved this person and then, poof, he's in love with another.

This is the first time, since I have been reading books that the male main character is free with their love. I've read about love at first sight, and even denying their love, but never this.  Sure their were side characters that were free with their emotion of love, but never the main character.  So bravo Miss Evans for doing something I have never read about before.

The story is AMAZING.  It peaks your interest at every turn and you would not be left wanting.  You be in a constant state of anticipation, wondering what's going to happen next.  I know I was!  Go out and buy this book.  It is SO worth it.