SEASIDE NIGHTS by Melissa Foster

September 16, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I thought that poetry was not for me.  That is was nothing but a bunch of words that rhymed and sounded good, but have no real meaning. This book opened my eyes to the beautiful world of poetry and I like that I've discovered something new to explore.

Sky Lacrous can create beautiful paintings with nothing but her needle, ink, and someone's skin. After finding her passion, Sky's life is pure bliss. Opening her own tattoo parlor, and preparing for it's grand opening has Sky bursting with pride.

But even with everything falling into place with her life, Sky can't help but want what her family have. To have someone to go home to, for someone to love. And then she met Sawyer.

Sawyer the man that can sing with the voice of a fallen angel.  Sawyer, the man you can make her heart sing with the beautiful words that come out of his mouth.  Sawyer, the man she is falling hard and fast for, and she does not even care.  The only bad thing is, Sawyer is a boxer, a boxer who seem to take pleasure in hurting others in the ring.

Sawyer Bass has a battle in his heart.  His father, the man he looks up too, is suffering from a disease that is deteriorating his health.  To combat this pain, Sawyer writes his sorrows into songs and sings it with his guitar in front of people as a form of therapy.

It was on one of these therapeutic singing, Sawyer met a special lady in the crowd that set his creative soul on fire.  Soon he finds himself writing more songs around this woman and when the day comes when he can finally meet her, he finds her in a tattoo pollar.

Now fate has finally shown some sunlight on Sawyers bleak life and he's finally enjoying life again instead of stressing over his father's health problems and denying his own.

Good times must always come to an end when Sawyer's job gets in the way of both of their happiness.  Would Sky accept Sawyer's job, even with her aversion to it? Would Sawyer give up his career for Sky?  And who is the P-town poet everyone is talking about?  Find out in the fifth installment of the Seaside Summers Series, Seaside Nights.

+Melissa Foster has written a book filled with beautiful words of poetry. I don't usually like books where the main characters fall in love with each other in two days, but Melissa Foster makes it work.

Sky was unique.  She was an artist and instead of going traditional and taking paint to easel, she starts up her needle and etches her work into people's skin.  This seems so weird since, in my mind, she's this tiny creature, with delicate features.

Besides being an awesome tattoo artist, Sky was totally into poetry and it was reading her favorite poetry books when she met Sawyer.  Sawyer seemed bigger and badder than life, yet when Sky saw him up on that stage, singing his heart out, she felt a connection like none other.

Sawyer is filled with an inner turmoil about his upcoming fight.  If he wins this fight, he will retire and have enough money to take care of all his father's needs for the rest of his life. The only drawback is the warning his doctor gave him, the warning that Sawyer chooses to ignore.

When he meets Sky, his whole world lights up and his problems don't seem as depressing as it once did.  Soon his mind is filled with his sweet summer Sky and the feelings she invokes in him.  I loved Sawyer, I forgot that he was a boxer for most of the book.

I imagined him as a songwriter or a poet, but no, he was a boxer. who was fighting for his dad.  My only hang up with Sawyer was the stupid risk was willing to take, not really taking into consideration how it would affect the people who love him.  Thank goodness Sky came into his life to remind him of the joys of life.

My only criticism of this book is that Sawyer and Sky fell in love way to fast.  There was no easing into things, it was I met you today, I saw you the next day and two days later, BAM, we're in love. Does love happen like that in real life?

I liked the book, I like the drama and I like the chemistry in it.  I wish to continue and backtrack with this series.  Thank you Melissa.


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