HOLD ME by Susan Mallery

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Hold Me, what does this title say about this book?  I have no idea, I just saw that this book was written by +Susan Mallery and I requested it immediately and I was approved.  Here is what I learned about Hold Me and F.Y.I the title fits the story.

Destiny Mills is always running away.  Except, she does not see it as running away, but as moving on. After growing up with parents who were always on the road, never settling for months on end, and never settling with only one partner, Destiny has learned to never give in to her emotions wholeheartedly.

Having a job that makes her have to move from town to town, settle for a few months and move on is what Destiny thinks of as the perfect job.  It so happens that that is her actual job as well, It makes sure that she does not get too close to anyone and lessens her chances of being hurt.

Her situation changes when she gets a temporary responsibility in the form of her half-sister, from one of her father's lovers.  Destiny had to make a decision of either taking on her sister full-time or sending her back to boarding school and live her life the way she always had, with her head buried in the sand.

Hopefully, her sexy, temporary partner Kipling Gilmore can help her make a decision, even with the feelings that he brings out in her that are forbidden.

Kipling Gilmore's passion was taken away from him in one big, messy, life-changing accident. Having gone from being a famous skier to working in the small town of Fool's Gold would normally a hard change for most people, but not Kipling.  He still manages to live for thrills and he found the perfect excitement with the sexy redhead that is only going to be in town for a short period of time.

He did not see himself, however, wanting to know everything about her and trying to fix all of her problems.  He notices she has her demons to fight, and believe me, they are some nasty demons, and tries to be her voice of reason but is he really one to give advice when he still has his own demons to fight.

Every once in a while, the snowy mountain top calls him and Kipling wants nothing more than to answer that call.  The anguish he feels when he remembers that he can't, fills him with frustration and the limitation of his legs does not help matters.

Would Destiny ever stop running away?  Can Kipling help Destiny tame her demons? Or would he pile on more to her worries?  Find out in the 16th (yes, there are that much Fool's Gold Books) instalment of The Fool's Gold Series, Hold Me.

Destiny was an odd duck. She has tremendous talent but chose to suppress it all because of her parents.  Her parents are famous country singers and she is their eldest child.  After Destiny was born, her parents stayed together for a few years before they split and started to reproduce at an alarming rate that Destiny lost track of how many half-brothers and half-sisters she has.

That was fine with Destiny, she does not like drama in her life since she grew up with enough of it to last a lifetime.  But when her dear old dad is busy, she was the only one who could have taken in her half-sister until it was time for her to go back to school.

Things get complicated when Destiny's sister wants to follow in their father's footsteps and become a famous artist and this scares the crap out of Destiny.  She tried to talk her sister out of it with disastrous results.

Kipling, he was a sweetheart.  He wanted to get into Destiny's pants from day one, but he was not a jerk about it.  He did not want to lie and get her into bed and then forget about her the next day.  He wanted to get to know Destiny and the more her learned, the more he liked.

Unlike Destiny, Kipling did believe in falling in love and getting married, but he just does not believe that he would ever find the woman who would make his heart sing.  He finds her, but she is disillusioned about love and sex.

Destiny's views on sex were hilarious.  I laughed when I heard about it. When she had sex with Kipling, the aftermath was so funny, I read it over and over again, just to make sure of what I was reading.  Kipling was noble about it and seemed more worried than Destiny since she was the one that..............(clears throat) can't tell you that, that gives too much away.

Even with the fun parts of the book, I was very disappointed with the ending.  After all the angst in the book, it had an easily solved, "Happily Ever After" ending.  Are you series?  Nope, not accepting that.  I had fun reading the book and then when the end of the tunnel was upon me, instead of the much anticipating screaming and admitting of feelings, I got a sugary, sweet conclusion.

When I first read a +Susan Mallery book I have to admit, I was not impressed.  The book was entertaining, but nothing to write home about.  Then I read a next book of hers, because can I really judge an author from only one book?  No. So I read another and I liked it and then I fell in love with "The Girls of Mischief Bay".  That book was the turning point for me.

This book was fun to read, but I'm still looking for that magic I felt with "The Girls of Mischief Bay".  I just have to keep reading to find the magic again.


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